Wednesday, May 17, 2006

NST Johor Edition - Explorace Season 3

Received a call from mum in law yesterday. She told me her neighbour, Mr. Phillip, gave her a copy of Today's NST Johor edition to her to be passed to me. He told her that i won't get a copy of this in Klang Valley.

I'm so thankful Mr. Phillip Lim! Mucho Gracias Tuan!

So, that is how it felt like, to recieve today's newspaper yesterday...

Anyway, to cut the story short, here is the paper printout (he can't smuggle the whole paper out, as some pages are still empty and waiting to be filled with more news, hence, he print out this page only)


Boss commented that my stance was totally wrong. I told him that i know and will consider taking up golf (at least the the driving range) with him first. but he say at least my grip were right. LOL. According to him, my elbow/arm/forearm aren't in 90 degree and i turned my torso too much too soon. I get his point.

stupe swing

Called Bandit yesterday and told him about this and his first reaction was "Do i look fat?" I told him no, as he was covered by Sasha and James.

I then Sms our contact in Johor, Amerul, to pre-book copies of NST for our own narcicist consumption. Thank you tuan for making that possible. Did the news stand mamak ask you why you needed like so many hundred copies???


Now, lets see if fan mail start rolling in.

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