Saturday, September 22, 2007

Best 1155Kcal ever

It was great to be able to run today. Nevermind it gets dark in Miri too early and too soon. I managed a decent +/-10km run this evening.

Route: Everly Hotel - RTM uphill - Park in front of Bus Station - Run 5 loops x 400meters - RTM staircases - Marriot Hotel - Everly Hotel.!

And that is how much i miss training!

I've been swimming in the hotel's peanut shaped pool for 3 times this week, surprisingly big pool infact, should be a decent 40meters one lap. Been clocking in 30minutes of non stop freestyle.

Here is the STAT. THE STAT!!!

The Motherfreaking Stat!!!!

I ran to the beach next to Marriot and here is some pics.

Miss me?

Yes, i damn miss running!

Here is a pic of the sunset, with the different hue in the to blue. :)

And here is one with the daunting South China Sea with half a meter high waves constantly!

Yes, i did wanted to swim in the water!

I will run the hill towards Miri Airport tomorrow morning and swim in the Afternoon and perhaps Gym in the evening? Something only people with the same mind like me would understand why i'm doing this instead of vegetating in the room!

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