Thursday, September 20, 2007


I was happily minding my own business at work today and as usual, uses the latex surgical glove to collect some samples, so after each usage, i usually dispose it off. After disposing 3 pairs and threw it on the ground, left the gloves for 5 minutes and it was swarmed with fire ants or kerengga.

Vicious. I had my hair standing on their ends, just imagining how it would be my fingers that they are happily biting, and not letting go off.



Seriously, they don't scares you? How about this up close pic?


Then two of them decided to teach me a thing or two about romance.


I damn miss home. Ryan is up to everything at home and i'm not there to see him.

Sigh. That to me, is more painful that the bite of the kerengga.

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