Monday, September 24, 2007

Miri : Everly - Almost Airport - Everly : 16KM

Yesterday, I went for the run as per planned.

The short hill to Tg Lobang, harder climb on the way back

Route : Everly – Tanjong Lobang – Luak Bay – Kampung Lutus – Jalan Aru – back via same way.

Estimated distance : 16km (drove the car to double check) total.

Time: 1:31:00

estatic, happy, contended

The run started very well. Never felt stronger. Managed to maintain the pace for the first 5km and then my right foot instep doesn’t feel right. Took off my shoe and it was very well a blister forming. My fault for not wearing any socks!

“Pain is a state of mind”, I told myself.

“Carry on with the run, you wanted this”, my mind told my legs.

Blister forming

My initial plan was to run to Miri Airport from Everly Hotel. Zabil gave me the direction. But because I was running on the opposite site of the road, I totally missed the turning, which was Jalan Luak Bay.

I ran on forward until I saw a signboard that says ‘Airport’. Turned left after passing Miri Port Club House.

Jalan Aru - Last signboard for “AIRPORT”

I am still awed by those huge houses/bungalows/mansions along the road, some have 10 feet brick wall of at least 150meters long. Don’t get me started with the road that leads into the house building as I suspect it most probably has it’s own road name! Heck, one of the house on the hill even have a helipad!

If Yip’s here, he would had attempted to run from Miri to Bintulu

I ran along (what I found out later) to be Jalan Aru and reached a left turn which then leads to some shophouses with one seafood restaurant. That was the last AIRPORT signboard.

I did not proceed further than that as by then, I certify myself to had taken the wrong road to the Airport. Not helping with my right instep’s blister getting bigger.

Some string knots caused the blister

So, I turned back and head back. Stopped at one of the mini mart to get a drink and asked the local which is the road to the airport. She told me to either take the Luak Bay road (which by then, I knew I taken the wrong turn, confirmed!) or the Holiday Inn way (ie the road I took).

I decided to run back after that, it was already almost 11.30am and the heat is as bad as 12pm in Peninsular.

I’m quite happy with the run, despite the short lived hope of running to the airport and back, must remember to wear socks in the next run.

The stats as per pic below

Not too bad for 16km run with blister and hot sun

Immediately after the run, I went for a 30minutes swim. Managed to correct my breathing technique and be more conscious about my head position as I draw air into the lungs. Must train more of the swimming and I believe I would be able to swim 1.5km of freestyle soon.

blister burst, about 5 sen size

Oh ya, I found this t shirt in Miri town. Decided to do some walking in the city and visited a few shopping malls. But this T shirt was found in one of the small old fashion store.

I Bike, Therefore I Am

I even found I proper balaclava, RM4.90, at least the store keeper did not ask me if my intention is to rob some banks.


Now I don’t need to fear those mosquitoes buzzing and biting me at work.

Oh ya, this is my current MUST HAVE for dinner. Mideen as the local calls them, it's essentially young fern shoots. Delicious! Crunchy


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