Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thunderstorm in Miri

Woke up to a nasty thunderstorm this morning.

The trees looked like it's gonna take off

It was just 6.30am in the morning and it's bright and it's scary.

Luckily some of my laundry which i did the nite before wasn't wet.

So, work started late today; strict policy of working in bad weather.

And it ended late. I was dead tired by the time i reached the hotel.

Here is some pics i thought would be worthy to be shared with all of you.

Quail eggs, or lookalike"

If i had the Adverlet's badge, i'm sure this will bag me anohter RM50....LOL...but alas, i don't have the badge, or the stickers...anyway, we left this nest undisturbed, it was lying on the ground, admist spider the size of 50 sens, which looked like some baby tarantulas. No sightings of snakes as yet, or crocodile as per claimed by my colleague which was here about 2 years ago.

The rain this morning hit Brunei at about 9.30am and this is what all of us have to deal with at work.

Thank goodness for PCK boots, but mine better, it has steel toe cap

Lets hope tomorrow has better weather and more work could be finished/done.

Zabil emailed me some good stuff about Miri and tomorrow, if time permits, i will run the route he told me. Looks like my training will resume in almost full swing soon!

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