Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lost : In Brunei

Remember Lost : The series. Remember the tree where everyone always run to hide from the black cloudy monster?

I found one of the tree here in Brunei. It's actually known as Pokok Ara. It has roots growing from it's branches, which essentially, once it touch the ground, will be another extension of the tree itself. See to believe.

eerie looking, but at the same time, majestic

As you can see, the trees you see is not a plural tree, but a singular tree! It has like 1001 branches which branches out as roots as well.

all togehter now...waaaaaaaa

And as i go around the tree to do a Step Back 5X5 (Take 5 steps back and think for 5 minutes, before, during and after working) to evaluate the possible hazard, i saw 3 cups, filled with either black coffee or stout arranged in such a way like it's for prayer...and there was 3 jossticks and 2 candles with one plate of offering at one corner of the tree, nearest to where we are supposed to do our hole boring.

How la?

I did the most sensible thing any chinese boy would do...walk to the makeshift altar and spoke in my heart that i am asking for permission to do work, and meant no harm, and asked to be excused as i'm a naive young boy in this world.

strong men from west timor

This tree provide excellent shade for the work to be done today. But i had to bear with the mosquitoes and insects that came swarming like no tomorrow.

best friend in the world

And i figured out since i can't fight the millions of mosquitoes coming to suck me dry, the least i could try to do is to cover myself up as much as possible. So, i took out my t shirt and convert it into a makeshift balaclava.

Nola, not even close to the pic above, i looked silly, as with the pic below.

clashes of colours to make wifey blushes

It was hot and dry today in Brunei and Miri, I finished 3 liters of water just like that.

The next picture reminds me how much i miss Ryan and wifey. It's the same nest we found yesterday, this time, the mummy bird is back and busy tending to her eggs.

Look who's home!

Went for a swim at the hotel pool. It is bigger than what i expected it to be. Finally managed to breathe on both side. Yish gave me a few tips and now i could do a two beat kick and breath every 3rd hand movement on both side. Freestyle never felt this enjoyable before. I pledge to run by this weekend, for at least an hour. I hope. :)

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