Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crocodile? Where?!?

"Tadi ada boya seekor timbul", The uncle gestured as i nonchantly asked him before going into the small sampan with him at work today.

"Ee-Van, becareful, there was a baby crocodile in the lagoon 2 years ago", my colleague's voice suddenly echoed in my ears.

Gosh, by now, it should be some mama croc.

Croc playground

I had to collect some samples today in the lagoon at a few selected places and marked them on the GPS.Specifically i had to take water at high tide and at low tide. I have a 3 hours window to do both of the task.

Come out and play mr croc!

At high tide, the max depth that we measured was at 8feet. At low tide, it was 2.5feet at one portion, and yes, i had my eyes shuffling between taking the samples, which must be taken at 0.5m below water level (ack!! put hand in water???)

Football with Crocs, anyone?

The weather was super dry and super hot today. I drank almost 3 liters of water and was soaked in sweat. I think i walked a total of 10km today to and fro the landed sample points (10 points) and carrying like bucketful of bottles and vials for lab work.

And glad to be with my limbs attached, still

It really doesn't help as the Borneo's paper reported yet anohter man losing his ear to some croc.

Man Attacked by Croc

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