Monday, September 10, 2007

Bt 18 - Tekala

On Merdeka weekend, when half the world was doing the Interstates ride, i went riding with Shazly and Kam. A so called recovery ride after Desaru tri.

Sofian too, came along, but because he is of a different species, he did Genting Peres and was supposed to meet us at Tekala.

I was riding Shazly's Colnago Dream as the bike was slightly bigger for Kam, so, Kam was on my Colnago and i was on Shazly's Colnago.

Somehow, the sentence above doesn't sound too straight! LOL!

Here are some pics taken during the ride, Thanks Kam!

Backside view

3 stooges


Makan time!

Return time!

On Colnago Dream...and just dreaming on riding it for good...

Kam loves to take backside pics...

I wonder when i will ride again...

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