Saturday, July 04, 2009

MEX Highway - 90KM

IM2010 training started earlier than expected.

After 4 months of not riding any sort of bikes running on 700C tires and never used any clip ons...this morning felt funny.

Not only i struggled to clip on the pedal, i found it difficult to unclip as well.

Even balancing the bike became sort of a task.

At 0500, I started the ride from Damansara Utama, heading towards Hartamas via Pencala, That would had covered 10km. It took me 30minutes. I was that slow.

Met up with Ishsal, Senn, TSB and John Preston. John is a 12 times IronMan finisher and 2 times Kona Finisher. Colourful, certainly. He has imparted some tips to me as well, which i hope to put into action. One of them is to get a bike trainer.

As it is, i am still searching for inspiration for 2010. It will be hard, but i don't intend to make it easy either.

Long Road, but i will never be alone

Menu for Sunday - 20++ KM Run. Home - Pencala - Damas - Wilayah Mosque - Return Home.

Run starts at 0500. Gonna catch the much needed sleep.

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