Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shape Night Run 2009 : Pirated

Last minute decision and decided to pirate the run with Wifey and Nadia.

Yes, we decided to bring Nadia for her very first run as it was night and i don't need to worry if she will be exposed to the sun and sweat all over.

Before i go on, i must apologise to the Orange Man and his TwentyFirst Century Crew for me pirating the race. It wasn't that i did not want to register, i was just unsure if i will be around this weekend.

Nevertheless, i must say Orange Man and his crew ace this again, right after Siemens Run last week.

I arrive at Palace of Justice at about 7.45pm. Race were supposed to start at 8.00pm (and it did).

Wifey, Nadia and myself went for it - from the sideline. We joined the slow runners behind and slowly make progress towards the middle pack. It was pretty alright to be pushing the pram as we run. We do not have dedicated running pram but the Graco we have were good enough and steady enough for the run.

No, we only got ONE Nadia

As it was, the run was a last minute decision and there is no commitment whatsoever to run what distance at what time. We initially went for the 11.5km route.

After the Convention centre, instead of turning left to the 11.5km route, we took the right, heading back towards the finishing line. By then, we've covered 6km already. Not too shabby either.

We completed the run in 1:04 and covered 7.4km. Hardly impressive but it is a fun/family run - with Nadia, no less!

We saw a bride, which took to the road a day before her wedding. Well done. Certainly do give a meaning to "runaway" wedding eh? Congrats and we wish you all the happiness and the best!

From my point of view, the race was well organised. There were sufficient water station for the 11.5km run but the 7.7km run only has one water station. The humidity during the race was high. I was sweating bucket just after 1km. I believe this got to do with Putrajaya being a marshland and lack of trees. Essentially, Putrajaya is a concrete jungle wannabe greenfield.

I even saw Orange Man and crew directing runners towards the finishing line. Leadership by example, you don't see this everywhere (well, certainly not SCKLM!).

The finisher goody bag was very very impressive. I did not get any as i did not register (and that is one big big regret). For RM30, you get the running vest...and after the race, a cert and a bag (Pink for female and red for Male) and the bag contain so many items inside. I saw shower cream, multivites, magazines, medicine...

What did we get for SCKLM for RM40 again?

Certainly NOT Nature Valley's muesli bars!

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