Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sorry, You Can't Wear This While Driving

I sent my second pair of Timberland Classic Moc Commando Sole Burgundy for the second repair on split sole.

Previously i was wearing a Timberland Classic Moc Commando Brown. It was sent for repair threeFOUR times for the same issue - split sole. Each repair takes them 2 months, or more.

I got a replacement and was advised to take the "original color" Classic - which is burgundy because it was "better built". That was last year February.

So, after wearing it for 6 months (the second pair aka the replacement pair), the sole split again. I sent it back and gotten the shoes back after 3 months (before CNY). Now, 7 months later (time lag due to me not sending the shoes on first notice of split sole), the sole split again.

I sent it to the branch in 1Utama (the place where i bought the first pair, and gotten replacement from as well) to be repaired and decided to call their HQ to seek clarification or to "enquire".

"Ee-Van, i might need to case study you. It appears only you have this problem", he asked.

"Did you leave the shoe in the car?", he added.

"You do not wear the shoe often?", he enquired.

I told him that he can case study me all he wants and no, i do not leave any shoes in the car and no, i wear the shoe everyday.

I got 50 people in the office that can be my witness.

"You wear that shoe to work? Wah, what you work as?", he questioned.

"Engineer, but i am confined to desk duty. If i go to the site, i have to wear MS 1599:1998 certified ankle high safety boots", i answered.

"Do you wear the shoe to drive?", he probed.

At that point, i was lost for words. But when i told myself to remain calm. I am a civilised person. No more cibai-lised. I must talk to him as calmly as possible, afterall, i would need his help to get a replacement pair, right?

"Yes, i wear the shoe while driving, but for the past 2 years, i walk to work more than i drive", i explained, with the office 700meters from home - a 4 minutes run should anything happened at home.

"you are not supposed to drive in that shoe la. The commando lug, same as the 6 inch shoe, are not supposed to be used while driving. I am telling you this on a personal view ah, not representing Timberland", he explained.

*blood boiling, jaw dropping*

"I reccommend you not to use Timberland shoes again la, if this happen the third time, i reccommend you to exchange the RM599 with some clothings", he offered.

"you mean...i can't wear anymore Timberland shoes?", i asked, very very calmly.

"Ya, no point la. We also must make money, i can't keep replacing for you. Moreover, it is not a lifetime Warranty and we honour it if it is spoilt within 3 months", he said.

Everytime i send my Timberland for repair, it will take 1 month, at least. Longest was 3 months.

So, essentially, in one year, i maybe get to wear the shoe for...4 months?

"Ee-Van, to be frank, you also gotten your money worth already la", he reasoned.

I know that is true. He even calculated for me.

But i bought this RM599 Moc Classic because it is Timberland flagship model with lifetime Warranty because it is handsewn to the highest quality ever.

So, there you go.

1. Stupe can't wear the Classic Moc for Driving.
2. Stupe can't wear Timberland shoes. Period.

Seriously, you really can't wear the above for driving.


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