Thursday, November 16, 2006

Birthday Celebration with Friends!!!

My usual Light and Easy Babes and Hunks

We had a small gathering yesterday at Mohsin TTDI to celebrate my belated birthday. The guys and girls actually went to run Kiara in the middle of the rain yesterday evening before coming over for dinner.

Not only that, they then went cycling around Bukit Damansara-KL-TTDI loop.

Thanks to Karoline for the wonderful picture.

Later that night, I went over to Iqbal's place in Ulu Kelang for yet another celebration. This time spending with the buddies i grew up with like sisters and brothers. The celebration might be belated, but it surely does makes you feel grateful that you have friends that sticks to you through thick and thin!

On my birthday a couple of days ago, me and wifey went over to Castell at Sect 16 for dinner. She insist that she wanted to buy me dinner. I of course do not believe in spending so much money on food. My birthday celebration has always been a slow and low key thingy. But i guess age must had caught up with me and she decided that i must stop thinking about spending money on food, moreover, good(possible) food that only happens once, or twice a year.

So, i went on to order the Prime Fillet. Done Medium Well. Wifey went for the mixed grill and we both secretly hope that Ryan won't pop out during dinner, though if he did, it would be great nontheless, but we want to eat first.

Wifey even joked that if Ryan do wants to come out, at least she was properly dressed and with make up on. Enough about women going into labour with clothing that has seen better days.

The food was good. I must admit that the quality of the beef fillet was the best i've had so far, well, not that i had had many steaks to begin with! For RM48, it was sure expensive, but i guess it was worth the price.

I did not take any pic as there were many people around and this was one time i really felt shy snapping away! It got to be AGE!

The next day, ie Tuesday, wifey went out for dinner with her best bud at Delicious and came back with something from Bakerzin.

"Happy Birthday, again!", she said, refering to me not having any on my birthday itself.

Wifey said this was the most expensive desert she has ever bought...

Layers of chocolate and nuts and wafers....

Looked too good to be eaten...but at room temperature, it's either my tummy, or let it melt!!!

Best la the dessert. Best la my wife.

Maybe i should make her one jersey with the Number 1 like the picture below....

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