Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Teresa Teng

I was back at my parent's palce for dinner yesterday and went through the stacks of CDs that i had, mostly oldies and boring stuffs by today's standard anyway.

I even earned the nickname "Monster from the past" back when i was in school for my knowledge of old songs (yes, when NKOTB and groups like those rules the day).

I chance upon one CD with someone i thought i've seen before. Yeap, it's Teresa Teng. I couldn't resist it. So, i took the CD back for listening.

As i played the first song in the car (Yuè Liàng Dài Bia Wo De Xin - Moon Represent My Heart), i can't help but felt nostalgic.

It's like i was brought back to my younger days when i was growing up watching those old mandarin movie which more often are more tragic than some tamil movie or bollywood movie of today...you people around my age and had to sit through RTM2 on sunday afternoon with all your aunts and uncle watching these tearjerkers back in the 80's knows what i meant la.

Linda Lin Dai - HK Movie Queen

As Teresa sang to me and wifey in the car drive from Gombak to Damansara, the all familiar simple lyrics of songs of yesteryears made me realise why i actually likes them.

The songs are simple. At best innocent. Unlike songs of today that has singer singing like they are constipated (Rihanna - Unfaithful; seriously, she sound like she need some enema), or corny (James Blunt - Your Beautiful ; but that's all he can say about it in the Subway???) or even plain rude (2 Live Crew - Nursery Rhyme ; Jack & Jill went up the hill to have a lil fun???)

And so, today, i ripped the whole CD from the, err...CD and uploaded it into my lifelogger.

Problem is, i can't read chinese and i do not know the title of the songs, except for a few which are too obvious.

But here it is, for your listening pleasure.

Click Here for some old love songs

Tián Mì Mì

Anohter song worth mentioning is Fragrance of the Night (Yè Lái Xia-ng) .This song was originally sang by Li Xiang Lan, a japanese (borned as Yoshiko Yamaguchi in Manchuria in 1920). Then, Teresa hit it with all the right notes. Our home breed Dama Orchestra even released a CD with this name with Tan Soo Suan rendering it out as original as possible. I've seen Dama started from way back in the early 90's as one of the founder is a family friend.

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