Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Time Capsule

I received an email which i set to sent to myself a year ago.

What? Set to send myself an email???

(The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Thursday, November 17, 2005, and sent via FutureMe.org)

Dear Ee-Van,

It's me writing to you from the past.

If everything goes according to schedule, you must had:

1. finish KLIM
2. Participated in all the Duathlon
3. did Lumut, Desaru and Titiwangsa tri.

Personal Life:
1. Is Wifey pregnant?
2. Ee-Von changed jobs for how many time since? To date (17th November 2005), she already did change twice.
3. Where is Ee-Svun? She's taking her SPM now at the time of this being written.
4. How is mum and dad?
5. Is mother in law walking again, like she should be?

Working life:
1. Still in the same company???

I couldn't recall that i did send me an email a year ago.

So, receiving this email was indeed a surprise.

But i would like to answer the above email to myself.

Hi Past Ee-Van,

1. Yes,i finished KLIM in 5hours 55 minutes. That is my personal best time for marathon. Would future Ee-Van beat that record?
2. I managed to do both the duathlon this year. One in Dataran and one more in Putrajaya.
3. I only managed to do Desaru Long distance. Lumut was a no go as Wifey was expecting. Titiwangsa tri is non existence this year.

Personal life:
1. Oh yes, she is very pregnant. Due soon.
2. nah, she is still with the same company. But the company that she is working now got boughtover by anohter person though.
3. Ee-Svun is currently in Lower Six. Doing Bio Maths. She has since appeared in more TV than i did.
4. Mum is fine. She will be a granma soon. More reasons for her to be happy. As for dad, his motor coordination has not been fully regained back since the stroke 2 years ago. He tend to mumble sometimes.
5. Are you kidding? She is linedancing like nothing even happened!

Working life:
1. ahbuden....

Oh ya, I've also written a letter to Future Ee-Van. We shalt wait for his reply in a year's time!

Yours Lovingly,

Present Ee-Van

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