Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Letter to Ryan

Dear Ryan,

Daddy decided to write you this letter before you are born. You might not be able to read this as yet until you go to school, and i hope that this blog still exist by then. Anyhow, i'll print a hardcopy and keep it safe where you could actually open and read it when you reach 21 years old.

Perhaps, by then, you would be wondering if people during MY time actually still writes letter and not communicate via brain waves.

Yesterday, me and Mummy went to see Dr. Raman and Dr. Yap for what might be mummy's second last visit to see them.

Your vitals are excellent. You weight 2.8kg and about 19 inches tall as of yesterday.

Dr. Yap commented that you have a lot of hair on your head. Well, definately a good point as your paternal parent's side (ie my grandfather, which is your great granpa and my father, your granpa) has problem with hairs up above. You see, we have what they call male baldness. My hair is thin and scarces. Unlike your mummy with her thick dark hair. So, that is definately a good thing to start with.

Unfortunately, we can't see you face. You were facing towards' mummy's bladder. You were engaged, no, we don't mean that you are going to get married like Uncle Mano or Uncle Surin, but what we meant is you are positioned in mummy's pelvic area already. Your legs were crossed at the ankle and that was you pushing on mummy's right side, making her unable to sleep at night. Your butt were sticking out somewhere between the middle and towards the left of mummy's tummy. Yes, that was the strange bump we felt that causes more discomfort for Mummy.

But we must admit, we had as much fun pushing your legs and butt back in as much as you pushing against our pushes. You show good promise with good lower body strength.

Oh ya, did you know that Auntie Lenny spoke to you yesterday, that you will get a brother to play with next April? Unfortunately, he will be a year late technically to be admitted to the same schooling year as you. Uncle Iqbal is daddy's best bud, we grew up togehter, much like how daddy grew up with Uncle Surin and gang. So, you as the bigger brother, you have to take care of him and the other brother and sisters

I'm sure you will find your own bunch of like minded friends that will grow up with you and share your joy and sadness. Just remember, friends come and go, you have to make effort to keep in touch. You must know that friends are sometimes closer than your own relative. They are the brothers and sisters that you never had. Same like when you finally decided to come out (and breath the hazy air caused by our neighbourly neighbour), you will notice other babies that shares the same birthday as you, some perhaps you might meet later in your life, some might just make your life difficult and you might end up marrying one of them for all you know!

So, let this be your first lesson in life. Friends are for forever. Cherish them and hold them close to your heart like how you do with your family.

You know, when we first found out that you are gonna be around, we have no idea if you are gonna be a Ryan or Rina. Heck, we have no idea that you are gonna be named Ryan anyway! We just wished that you will grow up healthy and go through your term from a single cell up till you could take care of yourself in that manner. We had had a few scare, with Mummy's urine protien level being high at one stage and her having some spotting while me and Uncle Azly was in Bangkok. Yes, for your info, daddy was bald during that period of time. Can't say if i was a superstar, but i did make a fool out of myself on national TV.

Oh ya, today, your cot, pram, mattress and pillows will arrive. We bought it from Auntie May, which happens to be Daddy's boss' wife. We got it all off for a good discount. Yes, we worked hard to provide for you so you could be in your most comfortable when you go home. Much like how your grandparents gave as much as they could to both mummy and daddy individually, that is as much as we will provide in our capacity which we could afford for you. Just don't grow up to be a brat. Because if you do, we won't spare the cane.

That is lesson number two, Your parent's won't spare the cane and see you growing up as a brat!

No, we are not going to abuse you. Don't be silly. For that Daddy has more plans where physical activities are concerned for you. Rest assured, your other siblings that will come along the way will get the same treatment as well.

Now, as you would had known, you had followed daddy for a few races (there were KLIM 42km, MMDS#1, EcoX, PD Tri, MMDS#2, AXN Mall and Desaru) up till so far while you were in Mummy. I'm not any race winner (well, except ONE - AXN Amazing Mall Race) but lessons in these races has taught daddy well. We must not give up. No matter what. As of today, you have a few Ironman uncles. Daddy hope to be one too before you turn 3 in 2008. They did not give up. So, you shouldn't too in life.

Just remember, one failure is not total failure. We will watch you as you take your first step and experience your first fall. Like Auntie Ashley would tell daddy, to let you grow up and see you from the sideline. If you ever fall down, we will pick you up, no matter what.

So, that's lesson three in life, It's mind over matter; if you don't mind, it doesn't matter

As you would had known now, daddy is a corny chap. So, live with it.

By the way, your training starts when you touch 6 months. You are going into the pool for your first dip in water. Ah, you most probably say that you've been swimming in mummy's womb for 9 months and breathing the amionitic fluid like fish to water...but that's besides the point. I want you to learn water confidence. Your daddy didn't know how to swim until much later in life and it was one drowning incident that i learnt to swim. Yeap, i was fighting for my survival and i learnt how to swim, abeit in don't know what style, back then.

Mummy promised to write a letter to you too. She's a busy lady, running her own business with 2 very pretty aunties, which grew up with her since primary school. See, what did daddy says about lesson number one in life?

Oh ya, as you would had known also by now, daddy's friends are very diversified. Daddy grew up in a multiracial and multicutural enviroment. Daddy could write and speak better Bahasa Malaysia than say, chinese to begin with. But that does not meant that you must lose your root as a chinese; that applies too, if you decided to marry anohter girl from anohter race and religion. Daddy will show and teach you about your own roots. You, in return, with your siblings, will teach your kids about your own roots and whoever you all decide to marry.

Which bring us to your name. We name you (and your other brothers and sisters) in such way that it reflect a Muhibbah spirit. We want to start with your name. Ryan Ambrose Lim Jo Hann.

We know, you most probably cursing when you know how to write your own name on your exercise book, or fill in forms later in your life. We have our reasons to name you as such. Ryan Ambrose was used as it sounded indian, we had wanted to name you a more traditional indian name but we couldn't find one that will goes with your late granpa's name. You will bring along the name of your granpa that daddy didn't have the chance to know. Just to let you know, your other granpa knows him when both were working in Selangor Turf Club.

Jo Hann was used because it sounded like a malay name, Johan. Which meant Champion. The only remotely hint that you were a chinese is your surname, Lim. So, live with it. That's our wish to see you grow up as someone that will helm Malaysia's future.

If you must know, we wanted to name you Lim Har Kow, taking cue from daddy's and mummy's surname. But making you sound like some dim sum is not favourable. You might get eaten up where ever you go!

Then we thought of calling you Hanson Lim Leng Chai. That is self explainatory anyway...but what if you are better looking than Daddy and Hanson(sic) or Leng Chai is an understatement??? Got to do justice to you also right?

So, be proud of yourself, for that is your fourth lesson, anyone can grab the tiger by the balls, but it takes a hero to stay there. Be strong, Be YOURSELF!

I should probably sign off for now. Rest assured, there will be more letters such as these written in the near future, to help you remember all your first things in life, for me and mummy felt that life is too short. We might not be able to grow old to see you have your own kids, but for all that is worth, we are proud for who and what you are!

Yours lovingly,


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