Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More of Ryan & Aunt's Daughter too!!!

I know, by now, most of you would had expected me to write more things other than my son.

Big Boss

But don't blame me. He is the joy of our life and nevermind that he pee and poo like some manufacturing line churning out, err, pee and poo, he is adorable and completely make all our sacrifices worth it.

My aunt, the one that came back from Brazil, gave birth via C sect too last week, friday. She however, opt to have it at GH because of financial constraint. Her baby is a girl. So, that makes Ryan to have Aunt which is younger than him. Anyway, any idea what my son should call the daughter of my father's sister? The girl is my cousin, but does that make her my son's grand cousin? Is there such term?

She has to deliver 2 weeks in advance because her blood pressure was sky high and she has been in and out of GH ever since she got back from Brazil. Noting that the doctors there didn't reccomend her to deliver at 7 months plus, she hanged on for a month more before "enough is enough", as per what the doctor said.

The baby girl, which yet to be named, came into the world on the 24th November afternoon.

My aunt opted for a shared 4-in-1 cubicle ward which cost her RM25 per night stay. Compared to what we paid at RM128 per night, i can't help but feel bad for my aunt. Cubicle ward? yes, you heard me right. It's essentially GHKL at it's worse, rows of bed end to end, separated by cubicle which houses 4 bed per cubicle.

My aunt wasn't able to produce any milk due to her blood pressure. After more than 1 week being a father myself, me and wifey know breastfeeding isn't easy and it takes a lot of patience. We didn't give up, in the end, it all paid off. But poor aunt of mine. However, she was lucky that her cubicle mates were kind enough, each of them gives their extra milk to be fed for the baby. She was borned and weight in at 3.2kg, slightly lighter than Ryan.

Then, came the big surprise. My cousin is down with jaundice. 3 days after her birth, the doctor came and tell her that her baby has jaundice. Bad enough that the GH does not help wash the babies after delivery to clean them off the aminiotic fluids, it takes them 3 days to tell her she got jaundice? And the level was 500 plus plus counts! That's critical! I suspect because over the weekend, there isn't any doctors checking on the babies, or there was simply too many babies to be cared of in the nursery of GH.

With his big feet, Ryan wants to kick the doctor that did not check his aunt properly...

So, what did my aunt do? She was shocked, didn't help her blood pressure, no ma'am. Doctor came and say "if the level remind this high by tonight, i'm afraid we have to do a blood transfusion for her".

OK, bad enough that she has to deliver via C because the "doctor has to go for a meeting", bad enough they did not help bath the baby off the fluid, bad enough she didn't have any milk, and now, blood transfusion?

I know some of you would be saying that it's RM25 per night and the C sect most probably will cost her only RM200 instead of Ryan's thousands. But that is not my point. My point is, Our health system and delivery has to improve!

Having said that, i've heard horror stories from a friend based in UK about her close friends' delivery where the doctor did not sew her up properly and resulting in a second stiching needed. And anohter friend did not have her perinium sew properly, resulting in an almost disastrous event. Yes, in UK my friend, in UK, a land where the more effluent Malaysians sing song off.

So, as luck would has it, her baby's Jaundice level went down to about 400 points the same day, later at night, doctor ordered more observation and decision has to be made the day after.

The UV treatment (photovoltaic) yield good results as by the second day afternoon, the level drop to 250 odd points.


The baby is currently making good recovery. My aunt is now less stressed. Milk not coming as yet. Still relying on other good samaritans in the ward. But things are looking better compared to 2 nights ago.

Me and wifey just feel so blessed as we were in the position to provide the best for Ryan. The rental of the UV light units were enough to cover her delivery and stays in GHKL alone. We did consider wanting to help, but i do not think we have that capacity to help her, where private hospital is concerned.

Ryan's is less jaundiced now, bathing him for 3 straight days in quinine seeds and i've just bought enough supply to do so for anohter 2 days to help lower the jaundice count.

Apart from that, mum has asked me to buy a bottle of Guiness Stout.

So, there i was, at the Tesco check out counter, with 2 boxes of nipple pad and a bottle of stout.

Others must be thinking i'm some bastard husband and father, still drinking despite having a baby. Hahahaha!

Stout, and it must be Guiness, are traditionally used to relieve heatiness in babies. As you see, Chinese confiment has it that the mother needs to take a lot of ginger, chinese wine and other herbs. So called to "repair" and prevent "wind" in the mother. Because the kid is breastfeeding, the baby will eventually digest alll what the mother ate in her milk. (does that meant that my aunt's baby has eaten indian, chinese and malay food via the ward's breast milk???)

Adam King?

Or just Ryan Lim?

So, yesterday, we bath him in 1/3 of a bottle of stout. Can't put in too much as he might get drunk as the alchohol absorb through his skin. Nah, don't worry, no babies were harmed in any way for years that my family practices this.


Worse case scenario, the baby, in this case Ryan, will just end up looking drunk like the pic above. Hahahaha!

Even at 10 days old, Ryan has shown a lot of promise to be a sports man. He enjoys his bath time, as that will be the closest he would feel like inside his mother's womb. And at second day of anohter 1/3 of the stout bath, he was already liking it and was seen practising breast stroke.

No Ryan, Triatheltes swim freestyle, only your dad uses breast stroke!

There is 1/3 of the stout left. Lets see if he drinks them tomorrow!!! Hahahah!

But i want OJ instead...can???

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