Friday, November 24, 2006

Not updating and here it is to make up for it.

Sorry for being missing in the blog-sphere. Been pretty busy and tired with the new joy in my life.

My day doesn't seems to end and all biological function seems to be in total complete wreck. Slept is really a luxury now. Being able to clock more than 2 hours undisturbed is a bliss. More often than not, it takes us 30 minutes to cup feed the baby, then another 30 putting him into sleep. by then, we are left with 2 hours of sleep at night before waking him up for the next meal!

His jaundice level was a bit high 2 days ago. 266, Dr. Yong, his peads said. He suggested we rent home a UV unit to bbq him. Jaundice usually happens to most babies and has no reasons for major concern, unless the figure touches 400. but being new parents, every single thing makes us worry, even his breathing makes us think if he is alright!

As of today, his level went down to 171 after almost a full 16 hours under the UV lights. We have until tomorrow afternoon before the rental of the unit ends, and by then, we hope the level would drop further. I've also introduced him to sunbathing. For the past 2 morning, i've been under the morning sun at 7.30am with him until 7.45am. No way i would wake up this early before Ryan came along. LOL!

Anyway, here is some pictorial of him, over the past 7 days.

Day 1

After my brief encounter with him in the OT, i had to look at him through this opened curtain for almost 30 minutes before i'm allowed in.

My first touch with him was in the previous post, where some of you readers claimed he gave me the finger! Well, if he really did so, it's to you all, not to me! :)

Day 2

This is by far one of my fav picture. Him sleeping in his hospital cot on day 2

His jaundice level was 133 at this point of time, you could see the yellow tinge on the skin around the eyes. With what seems to be like white head on his nose, i might need to send him for facial!

Day 3

Here looking at you, world!

It was his and his mother's day of discharge and i was holding him after the nurse gave him a sip of water. He wasn't feeding as well as we thought he would. but things has been pretty good now.

Day 4

Wrapped up tight like a dumpling inside his own cot. A picture of peace!

Starting them young without any need for any typical chinese household baby bouncing spring contraption. He slept without any problem after his feed. Only need a few good pat on his chest and back and he is on his way to Mr. Sandman's castle.

Day 5

Everybody now say...AWWwwwwww

I recieved 8 complimentary tickets to A1 GP this weekend from Alex Yoong's dad and i had to give it all away. Can't possibly go to see the race, no? Grandstand ticket somemore! Dang it!

Good Luck Alex Yoong!

Ryan do wishes Alex Yoong a good race too. What more because his dad (as in me) had to miss the race!

The very same day was when Dr. Yong told us about phototherapy, so, we rented an UV unit. Wifey and me call it the briefcase. Hey, it's afterall, modified from a President's briefcase! Seriously!

Will DIY next time

Day 6

Earth to Enterprise, Capt Kirk, you read me?

Mum in law call him Batman for having this eye piece over his head. It serves to protect his eyes and gonads.

My mum was especially upset. Not because of the jaundice, but because she can't carry and hold him while he is in the briefcase! Case of Nanny getting upset!

Day 7

Not so yellow-yellow dirty fellow

Taken this morning when he wakes up. Makes me and wifey's sleepless night worth it all. Joy of seeing your own son looking at you. Though you know that this day he won't remember when he grows up. But this picture, and blog, will serve to remind him that he was a curious cat even at day 1, what more day 7?

yo, wassup...i'm 10 sen, far cousin of 50 cents.

I know, the above caption is corny. Who say i wasn't?


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