Monday, November 13, 2006

Ryan - 39th Weeks and Waiting...

Went for a check up last Saturday and Ryan is now 3.35kg big and almost 20 inches tall.

However, Dr. Raman, which was fresh out from hosting the FIGO conference, told us that it won't happen until a week or two time.

"Akan Datang", he quipped.

"Got contraction or not", he asked.

"Cervix not dilated yet", he confirmed.

Then later on Saturday, we went to OPA for the Raya Open House. The usual suspects are there, as usual and it was catch up time again.

Jokes were flying all around and one particular Old Putera (OP) was asked if he was related to the Mongolian Bombing's suspect. Can't help it since the name was almost the same to a certain extend.

Also present were the Form 5 boys, which will be taking their SPM on the 20th November. I wish them and all of you good luck! Don't worry, i'll be at you passing out on the 22nd December this year.

Che Aris has the best expression of them all.

"What happened?", pointing to wifey's very pregnant tummy.

Wishes came in from left and right and tips were again, exchanged amongst the wives of OPs which most of them are proud mohter in their own right.

Congrats to Upak too. He is also expecting a baby boy next year and things couldn't be better for RMC's future. Chips will have a boy, Iqbal will have a boy. I have a boy, Upak will have a boy. That makes 4 future RMC boys in the making. :)

It's funny though. With Ryan's due date coming this soon (it could be like now as i'm blogging this), i have a mixed feeling. Emotions and physically wise.

I'm sure it would be emotional to see my first born coming out to this (cruel) world. Perhaps i would be so overwhelmed by emotions that i forget to blog about it live? (Goddamit, still thinking about blogging ah? KNN!!!)

Whatever it is. I do not know what to answer anyone when they ask me how i feel.

"So how you feel?" Bandit asked last week.

"Err...excited?", I anwered while shoving a serving of BBQ chicken breast into my mouth.

"excited or not?", anohter friend asked on Saturday.

"Yeah, we hope the baby won't come out like now, i still want to eat my satay and laksa", I answered.

Frank Beltran, an OP in his 60's told me that a woman giving birth is like me trying to pass motion while doing handstand. If i could sh*t while doing a handstand, i would know how that feels like to be giving birth. I can't do handstand to begin with.

Then, of course, you get all the advise from people that isn't even married yet, let alone having a baby or even gotten pregnant in the first place.

"you know ah, they say first born usually early", a friend said.

"No la, my friend say usually they late!", anohter added.

"But they say Boy usually late la, what more first baby?", anohter interjected.

"eh, you taking Epi(dural) ah?, they say not good one la", one relative quipped.

"My friend say you have to follow confinement practice strictly, if not, you will suffer later in life", anohter added.

You see how many MY FRIEND, YOUR FRIEND, THEIR FRIEND say this and that?

Why no one actually ask us, or more specifically wifey, how she felt?

But of course, we are young what, where got experience?

It doesn't help i guess, with both parents expecting their first grandchild and with no reference on both immediate sides of the family about newborn.

But nevermind that, i'm fully trained. Domesticated. My mum has taught me well and enough to handle a new born. I grew up with my mum babysitting babies as young as a month's old until they are old enough to go to school. I grew up with kids at home. No issues. I'm a family man. No doubt.

We went to church yesterday for Sunday Mass. Nola, no sms this time about anyone being baptised or any FRU presents. It's silly, really.

For the first time since i know wifey and went to church with her on Sunday, we sat separately. No thanks to some church goer which place their precious handbag on the seats next to them like they were booking for someone.

So, i sat an aisle away from her. Was thinking she would go into labour.

Then, she stood up and walk out. Alamak. I got worried. But i can't get out as i'm sitting at the dead end of the aisle. I would be stepping on at least 4 pairs of feet before i could leave. She sms-ed me and told me she wasn't comfortable as the bump was actaully touching the seat infront of her when she stand up.

So, i went out and stood at the church's entrance with her. No one actually offered her a chair until one of the church goer brought a seat to her. Thank you sir! Sorry to say this, but perhaps the church that we go to are pretty superficial. Everyone just wishes each other "peace to you" because they have to, not because they wanted to.

I've lost count of time where i sat next to a person which looked like he/she would eat me up. I tried smiling, maybe my face are just not pleasant enough.

Heck, i've even nearly had a brush with accident once with this youth driving so fast and did not stop at the junction in Taman Tun, showed me the finger because i horned at him (i was on the main road and i had to stop for him) only to end up parking next to me near the church...and i had the last laugh when he sat 2 row away from me in church.

He never did look at me when i offer him peace though.

Or how about those that act holier than thou and then once church's is over, their own spiteful and attitude returns?

After Mass, we went to anohter church, as they were having sales on plants. Last week, we spent RM30 and bought a few nice plants. Uncle Joseph and Uncle Thomas, which runs the nursery in their free time, nuturing the plants and selling them so that the money would go to that particular church. I frankly felt that church has nicer people, more genuine to help and offer help. The two old men even offered to help me bring the plant to the car, parked a good distance away, as they notice wifey is notably pregnant. We bought more plants yesterday and gladly gave them more than what the plant was worth as it was for a good cause.

It made me think, why so different in attitude, was it the location of the church? With one set in an affluent neighbourhood, when anohter was in a more mixed neighbourhood?

Maybe it got to be with the people's attitude and mentality. The richer you are, the less human value you would have. The more well to do you are, you tend to think and feel others are less of a human and could be treated like some outcast. Prove me wrong, will you Malaysians?

I've seen a lady screamed at the cashier at Tesco, for reasons only known to her and the cashier. I've never came across any rude cashier in Tesco, but i've came across some in Giant One Utama.

I cooked lunch for wifey yesterday, as opposed to us eating out after Sunday Mass. I was still a bit sad that i had to miss the Powerman race in Lumut a day before. But i promised wifey i won't have anymore outstation race or even bike ride until the baby is safely borned.

I was also feeling a bit down yesterday, as some event took place over the week, which question my believe in things i've always believed in strongly. Family that is. I felt helpless to a certain extend, and angry and frustrated on the other end.

My family came over last minute yesterday, to have an early birthday celebration with me to mark me turning 3-0. My sis bought some dishes while mum brought over some home cooked food and all i did was cook the rice. Wifey bought 4 slices of cakes, of which 2 were of the chocolate variety, 1 durian cake and one cheese cake. That meant a lot to me. My family is what you would call the typical chinese family that don't express our love openly verbally but rahter by action.

Without fail over the past 8 months of wifey's pregnancy, my mum has diligently bought fishes for me to cook for wifey. She has helped me marinate chicken to be stewed, yong tau foo to be fried, fish paste to cook porridge with, and tonnes of other things which i never did ask for. She brought along 6 bottles of high grade sesame oil for wifey's confinement yesterday, along with some dried oyster which would be used to cook for wifey as well. All this, without even asking her to.

And that made me felt that the very thing i believe in, the family institution is strong and very much alive despite some ass burning ear paining talk about "you younger, you listen" mentality.

As for now, there is still 12 more hours should Ryan decide to come out on my Birthday.

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