Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Broga Classic : 28th December

Like facing a nightmare i had before, only worse.

Around the same time last year, i attempted Broga classic. Broga classic was the original Broga loop which starts at Hulu Langat and the loop will go towards Tekala - Semenyih - Broga - Lenggeng - Klawang - Titi and back to Peras.

The route is also known as Broga Jantan amongst some riders.

The pussy loop would be Broga reverse where you go clockwise from Hulu Langat - Peras - Titi - Klawang - Lenggeng - Broga - Semenyih and back to Tekala.

Distance was touted to be 160km, but it is actually only 137km at best.

The ride started last Sunday with 7 people. It was supposed to start by 7am, but as luck would have it, my alarm rang and i never woke up. It was at 6.30am which i realised i was still in bed dreaming!

A quick change parade and loading of the bikes and a quick 20 minutes drive, i was at Batu 18.

Waiting were Upiq, TSB, SK, Pipot, Kam and Jun Shen.

The initial 30km was done in a really relaxed manner. After Tekala, i started to pedal faster and had both Jun Shen (it was his birthday on that day!) and Azwar Pipot tailing me.

We managed a good speed and pace and about 90 minutes later, we were in Broga town already. Did a quick stop and waited for the other guys for 5 minutes. Decided not to wait and pushed off straight towards Lenggeng.

We reached Lenggeng and we all know that there is a short and sharp hill to climb not far infront.

As i climb the first hill (about 400 feet ascent), i swore i could feel my saliva dribbling out from the corner of my mouth. I must had looked like some spastic adult by then, with face constipating and tongue wagging, no less.

By the trime i reached the top of the climb, my head felt like some plate spinning. The downhill was sharp and fast, i touched 78km/h on that short stretch of downhill.

I reached the junction to Bukit Tangga and Seremban and Jun Shen was happily munching away on some jackfruit. We stopped for a cooling fresh coconut water.

Frankly. Last year, Bukit Tangga almost killed me.

I recalled having to call wifey and tell her that i was suffering. I stopped 4 times. Pushed the bike for hundreds of meters.

But this time around, even with a 9 speed gearing with 23 cog, i managed to climb up Bukit Tangga.

Happy that i saw the temple at the top of the hill. I rolled down Bukit Tangga but i did not have enough guts to max out on the speed and left it at 65km/h.

From Bukit Tangga, it was a train ride for me and Azwar until Klawang town; that's a good 12km away. We managed to blast about 35-40km/h all the way. We reached Klawang at 1130pm. Bloody fast by my standard. Average by then was a good 25km/h.

We did not manage to catch Jun Shen, as he climbed Bukti Tangga like a flat route and he went down the hill and all the way to Klawang with enough time to reload his handset.

We stopped for Lunch at Klawang - using that as an excuse to wait for the rest of the guys. after about 45 minutes of waiting with a total not moving time of 2 hours, we decided to move on and finish off the ride without the rest.

50km to Batu 18 from Klawang. Af AJ was around, that 50km will be covered within 2 hours. Thank goodness he wasn't around.

It was a slow ride for me back to Batu 18 from Klawang. My thighs tighten up by the time i reached Titi's drug rehab centre, i wasn't going faster than 22km/h by then. I knew i was tired. The heat wasn't helping as well as i could feel my shoulder burning up.

From there on, it was pretty much me alone all the way up the back side of Peras. Total climb would be in excess of 2000feet just for that hill.

I did not make any excuse that i could technically come down and push my way up since i am with a 23 cog. I won't. I can't.

It was very much me and Azmar in 2007 that went up cursing the hill. I am not gonna let the hill conquer me again, not when i had a good outing just 3 weeks before on the same hill.

I pushed the pedal. I pulled on the up stroke. I pumped the ground. And finally, i saw Azwar and Jun Shen waiting...and clapping for me.

From there on, it was a smooth easy journey back to Batu 18.

We managed to finish Broga Classic within 5:30. Average was 25.4km/h and i couldn't be happier.

I will upload the profile of the ride later, forgot to bring my GPS to work today.

But here is two pics from the ride.

With Birthday boy and Azwar

Broga Souvenier

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