Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday Speedy Gonzales Putrajaya Ride

Had a crazy ride with AJ this morning.

It was supposed to be his recovery ride. Sorry sir, i did not know. All i know is that you kept the pressure from behind and i had no choice but to pedal harder to keep up with you.

National Science Centre to Putrajaya Toll, distance 30km, done in 58 minutes. Average was 30.6km/h

Got to be my PB for 30km distance.

"Go back , recovery ride ok? we can go 1:05", AJ told me.


Yeah right.

The return journey was as fast. The average only dipped 0.2km/h from 30.6 to 30.4. It became 30.3 when i pushed my bike into the house. LOL.

We've managed to cover 60km in less than 2 hours.

Imagine what that could do to the POWERMAN timing!

Great ride, as usual. Thank You AJ.

Total ride time : 2hours 4 minuntes.
Distance covered : ~63km (From science centre, i managed an extra 10km for cycling to and fro home to Science Centre)
WOW factor : Damn KAW Chiaklat HIGH.

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