Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Morning Run : 16km Total

I was taught how to run this morning by Super AJ.

Before this, all i was doing was JOG.

This morning, i ran.

We started from Devi's Corner in TTDI and headed towards Hartamas via Pencala Link.

At 5am in the morning, these people surely got nothing better to do than to sit and chit chat at mamak.

I ran from home to Devi's to meet up with him, getting to clock extra mileage along the way. The distance was about 1.8km and it took me circa 10 minutes.

We covered 12km in 1:08.

I managed to run my fastest 1km in 4.57.

I did my fastest 1 mile in 7.55.

I ran the fastest 10km at 55.41.

All the above was done this morning with AJ pulling, pushing and taking the best out of me.

Average pace this morning was a good 5:39 minutes/km. That would meant if i really did push it, i could had done the 10km in record timing this year (my PB for 10k still stand at 48 minutes...done 2 years back at Subang 10K)

In Adzim's own phrase : "I Lioke"

I took it easy and ran back home via a bigger round and that took me 200meters more than it took me to reach Devi's in the morning.

So, all in all, i am proud to say that i managed a 16km this morning within 1hours 30mins.

Now, I got to go back to work.

By the way, i was asked by someone to submit my CV and "they will take care of the rest".

Kinda puts me on a high as the someone was a client!

Had a long chat (ok, maybe just 1hour 8 mins) with AJ about it and i guess i should just put in the CV. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Or do any of you think it's ethically wrong?

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