Monday, December 22, 2008

Sickening Weekend

I was feeling well on Friday. Went home after 8 hours of work (my shortest yet this year) and spent sometime with the family.

I was asleep by 10am (my earliest this year as well).

I was down with fever and flu and i hate the feeling of being sick.

By 12am, Nadia woke up crying. Infact, she wakes up every 5 minutes throughout the night and i can't do anything as i was too weak - but fully aware of what is happening.

Then, at 2am, Ryan woke up.

By 3am, wifey told me and both Nadia and Ryan has fever.

and me makes three.

By then, my fever has sort of subsided, but my nose were more blocked than a malfunctioning sewage pipe.

Took out some cold patch and placed on on Nadia's forehead.

Small and in pain, but don't know how to tell it to us

Proceed to check Ryan and decided to give both the kids some paraceptamol suspension.

Wifey stayed up the whole night watching after Nadia, as she kept waking up and crying every 5-10minutes. By 7am, both of us were panda eyed and tired.

I was recovering from the fever, but an onslaught of headache came. Most probably because of not enough of sleep.

Ryan's fever was still hanging there. Nadia's fever got worse.

Ryan vomitted the water we gave him. Then Nadia vomitted the milk Wifey gave her.

By 12pm, we decided to get both of them to the clinic.

I was too weak to drive (no dinner, no breakfast) and had to rely on my sister in law to come and get them to the clinic.

Then, wifey called and said that we need to rush Nadia to the hospital. Her fever is too high.

So, there i am. Lying down there, feeling helpless.

Wifey sent Ryan back and i tried hard to keep Ryan rested next to me. It's hard, especially so when your son's threshold of pain is very high. With his fever, he is still running around as if nothing happened.

I tried calling the office HR, to get and find out more info on admission to hospital, if needed. Medical isn't cheap, but i'm not gonna let that preventing me from sending Nadia the hospital.

Wife told me via sms that they are sponging her down to bring the temperature down. Nadia was screaming and crying. Wifey felt helpless when she naratted it back to me, dripping a tear or two. She was allowed to go home after her temperature drops back to acceptable limit.

Ryan's temperature went down the rest of Saturday. Well, that is until about 12am.

He had a temperature and it's pretty hot. I had to convince him and coax him to let me put the wet towel on his forehead to keep the temperature down. I had to play game with him (and obviously, the winner is me, so i get to put the towel on his forehead).

You have no idea how hard it was to put that on his forehead

My fever came and went, and i never had taken so much Panadol in my life (2 every 4 hours - alternate between Actifact and Extend).

I already missed a cyclign session with AJ on Saturday morning and i am missing Sunday Malakoff run because of this viral fever.

And as they say, bad news will bring more bad news - at 5pm on Saturday, i was told i need to be down in Johor for work.

So, on Sunday morning, with a very tired wife without enough rest the past 24 hours, 2 kids which were sick (and still are), i drove down south for work.

Sorry Barath, i really wanted to drop by your chicken farm, but i had to leave back home to the kids.

So, this morning, while Nadia is showing sign of recovering, Ryan started to fire up again. Thi boy has grown too smart that he knows playing game to let me put the towel on him is not working in his favour. It was an hour of screaming exercise from him at 130 till 230 this morning.

He stayed away from me, traumatised - as i held him down and sponge him down.

But it's for his own good. High fever could damage a few facial muscle and could even kill him. Before the temperature even soar to that level, letting him cry and scream is definately much better than seeing him grow up with some facial defect ala Rocky Balboa or Terminator.

So, officially, me and wifey has not rested for the past 72 hours until this morning.

And i hope the boy and the girl will recover well ahead of Christmas.

As for me, i just finished anohter strip of Panadol Extend before i typed the last line on this entry.

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