Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Interval Run

We had a crowd this morning.

Ishsal joined me and AJ for the run from TTDI to Hartamas and back.

Total distance is about 13km.

We started off at 6am and headed towards Hartamas. Aj used the hill as the "fast" portion of the interval training and the flat for recovery.

I had to follow suit. Ishsal followed all the way, pushing his limit and to his ability. Kudos to him for trying really hard as he was out of action and training for a period of time.

The average speed was 5:44 pace (translated to about 11km/h) and we wrapped up the 12.98km run in 1:14.

Commendable timing as we were sprinting as fast as a 4:00 pace for a good 1.2km from the toll back to TTDI turn off on the return journey.

AJ won't be around the next 2 days and i will get my rest (ie not waking up at 4.30am).

However, the menu for Saturday has been set. Anyone interested, please wait at National Science centre turn off infront of Security Commission at 0530hours. THe train will be leaving for Putrajaya. If things goes as it should, we should be back about 2 hours later...

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