Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Introducing IM (to be) Barath

The second post today is to pimp a friend of mine which i met during my time in Explorace Season 3.

His name is Barath Kumar but i know him as the Chicken Egg Man.

He runs/operate a chicken farm (doesn't sound right here) in southern portion of the country.

The story of how he carries trays and trays of eggs from one end to the other end of the town would only make mortal men shiver (each tray is about 1.8kg - he typically carries hundreds trays every day).

He is a gentle giant. On look he looked like he will rule the underworld scene at the place he grow up, but the most he would do (then) is to pelt you with rotten eggs. Nowadays, he will just tell you he will challenge you for a swim, bike and run.

Yes, he is a fellow IM Wannabe.

So what if he is an IM wannabe?

Well, it is something if he has not DONE ANY TRIATHLON.

Nor has he swam more than 50meters.

Or attempted to bike more than to buy roti canai.

Heck, his running is after his free range chickens in the chicken farm.

But that was 6 months ago.

Since then, he has learnt to swim (via phone and video, mind you, proud to say i semi coach him). He has gotten a bike (really nice juicy one at that) and he has been running.

Since then, he has been shedding fats like in the chickens in slaugtherhouse being stripped off their feathers.

He is one mean fella.

His balls are definately bigger than mine many times over. And that is for a fact as he has not Swim, Bike AND Run in his life before.

And IronMan Langkawi 2009 will be his MAIDEN and his FIRST attempt at the sports.

Read more about his exploit in the SBR world south of Malaysia in his blog HERE:

Barath The Chicken Egg Man


  1. He is my younger brother. I'm surprised till today how is it humanly possible to do it without ever taking part a single race and self trained.

    1. With a lot of determination Doc Kumar. You know him too well ;-)