Monday, December 01, 2008

Weekend Dates with Ordu and Triax

I've been naughty.

On Saturday, i dated Ordu and brought her for a trip to Putrajaya.

It was the usual romp which my wife approve of.

Only 75km max if i choose my route right on the return journey, or it would be at least 7km less should i follow a shorter route.

Shorter distance and longer ride is not my criteria in these dates and i have no choice but to find the longest distance and complete it in the shortest time.

I managed a 75km last Saturday. For those of you that wants to do a 75km, here is the route.

Damansara Utama - LDP - Kerinchi Link - Fed Highway - Mahajaya EXpressway (or E20 or Putrajaya Highway) - U-turn - Mahajaya Expressway - Fed Highway - Kerinchi Link - Hartamas Highway - Penchala Link - LDP - Damansara Utama via LDP (ie u-turn at police station).

Here is the brief ride report, the pics will tell most of the story.

Average speed to Putrajaya : 29.9km/h

It was a good 1:06 ride to cover the distance of 35km from DU. There wasn't any instance where i thought i would slow down and just keep pressing the pedal. The drizzle did not fizzle me out, it just dirty my shoes and bike. The fact that i woke up late doesn't help either as i wanted to complete this route by 8am (i woke up at 5.45...a good 45 minutes late!)

I'm getting the hang of this bike. It sort of blend with me and moves with me. But as you know, they will say things works well when you don't need them to be! I'm gonna keep my finger crossed that i would have the endurance to cover the 180km in IM09 like how i did this year. It would be a task as i did not put in as much training as i did in 2007.

I believe i am making the most out of my time i have. Clocking in average of 56hours/week at work is hardly ideal for a proper training routine.

And i think i've forgotten how to swim!

Anyway, here as some stats of my date with Ordu for my 75km ride.

Total ride time : 2:29 - expected for this distance, but could be better...say...2:15?

Average: 30.3km/h - definately better than last week's 28.6km/h total

Post note: Sorry for posting the wrong pic up earlier

Max Speed: 60km/h Expected with my heavy fat body.

But the wheels a certain extend...i think

I think i did pretty ok for a rain laden morning and ride. I dare not go any faster or pedal harder going down the hills as i was afraid the tyre might lose grip and me crashing. So, i went as fast as i comfortably could manage control.

I got back by 8.30am and gave Ordu a good nice scrubbing down. Afterall, she is covered with silt and road grime. It's really not a way to treat a lady.

Ordu getting wet.

Ya i know, sexy.

And here is me....i meant, my gears, getting wet.

I hate rainy days cycling as i have to clean up a lot of stuffs. The main reason why i switched from MTB-ing is because i hate to clean up these stuffs!

But somehow, last Saturday, there were a glimmer of joy when i wash the bike and gears. Really.

Yesterday (Sunday), i again, woke up late, this time, about 15 minutes late. Like any trained RMC boy, i managed to changed and get to the venue within the run start time. I was supposed to run with Jabir and i hate to be late (because he is never late). Menu was a 20KM run from Bukit Aman to Hartamas and back - the usual route la.

I got to the car park sharp at 5.45am and i know i am late, as we were supposed to start the run at 5.45am. I waited a bit as i thought Jabir was praying, but as it turned out, he overslept. Must be his son son making him run left right up and down at home!

It's completely many mindless people are there that wakes up earlier than their working days on a weekend?

Apparently, there are many of these mindless people with nothing better to do!

I started my run alone and caught up with a few gang (Fairuz and gang) which started the run earlier towards Hartamas via MARTRADE.

I've decided that yesterday's run was the Nike Triax's last run/outing. The shoe has served me really well. I must had clocked at least 700km with it (and ran 1 marathon, 1 Half IronMan and 1 IronMan distance). The sole is visually thinner now and the cushioning where it matters most is minimal after all those mileage. I know it because places i never had any blister forming started to feel like it's happening yesterday.

It took me 56 minutes to get to Hartamas. That's pretty average timing considering it's slightly less than 10km actually. The return split was even slower as it took me a good 1:17 to get back.

Damn shy.

That's 2:17 to cover 20km.

Average speed was at a low 6:57km/h (sorry Stupid_O, it's not a 7:00 pace, but a 10:00 pace), that is like running a 7hours Marathon which is like ass slow. Damn shy.

But i tried consoling myself that the last i ran was actually on 9th November, which is the PowerMan race. No more excuse after this.

During the run, i bumped into Ishsal. He is trying to find time to get his training done as well.

We went our different way after that.

But one thing for sure, slow or fast, I had my 75km bike and my 20km run done over the weekend.

I've wiped the Triax clean and kept it in a box. It will see daylight of course, but not for running anymore.

After the 2 dates, I couldn't ask for more, except more hours in a day so i could train more and more. And More.

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