Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The 40sen Story

My mum told me today Ryan made her smile more than usual.

Mum(M): Ryan, ahma's leg painful can not carry you.

Ryan(R): But ahma, why?

He then walked out of kitchen and reappeared a minute later.

R: Ahma, here is money for you see doctor. I am feeling well and don't need money.

M: 40sen not enough la Ryan.

R: OK!

He went to his wallet that wifey bought and took out more.

R: Ahma, if not enough you wait papa come back bring you see ok?

My son. So proud of him!!!

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  1. There! Finally figured out how to post comment on your blog!

    Your son dam kaw cute lah, very witty like the father hehheh.

  2. dadadada..very cute :) my doter; 'Nuha spell this B.A.N.A.N.A. Pisang!!! Dang!

  3. Kids are innocent. We adults should learn a thing or two from them