Monday, March 08, 2010

Photography To Balance Adrenalin

(L-R) Nadia, Wifey, Ryan D90+8mmFisheyes

This post is dedicated to my other hobby. It is expensive (and i have beginner's gear only!) but it is rewarding in it's own way. My photos are with minimal editing and i aim to get the image right the first time so i don't need to spend more time than i should editing them.

Subjects varies and my muse seems to be my family. Otherwise, i take anything that comes my way.

I am going to build a portfolio for myself. Who knows, i might find alternative career and capture those (Nikon) moments?

Meanwhile, here are some of the more...err...acceptable photographs which i've taken. Comments and Critiques welcomed, of course!

My Uncle-In-Law. D90+KitLens

The pic above were my best shot so far after 10000 shutters. Turning it into B&W helps with the atmosphere it seems.

He Believe He Can Fly. D90+8mmFisheyes

Pirahnas. D90+Kitlens

Fun! D90+8mmFisheyes

Kira-Kira. Iphone 3Gs

Lesson In Leading Lines. D90+KitLense

Get Luna. D90+70-300G

Italian Girlfriend. D90+50mm

Mythical Creature. D90+50mm

How to make your son lose weight. D90+KitLense

Jabir colling down. D90+Kitlense

Thundering Birds in the Sky. D90+Kitlense

Icon. D90+KitLense

Timing Chips. D90+50mm

Green Thing. D90+Kitlense

Spanish Babe. D90+50mm

Thanks all folks! More pictures available in my FB account. I think i better start compiling my pics and make a proper portfolio rather than doing this.

Oh ya, yesterday, i had my first paid assignment. That meant if the trend continues, i can safely said i will get my ROI...after 50 assignments perhaps?


  1. my 'all-time' fav is Get Luna .... you getting better dude!!

  2. Thanks Ian!

    Photogrpahy are subjective. What is pleasing to me might be fugly to some. Glad to have pleased someone with a pic, at least!