Friday, March 26, 2010

Camera Armor First Touch

I felt like a small boy opening a present 5mins ago.

The packing were done pretty nicely with transparent windows for you to scrutinise and feel.

The armor was not made by Lowepro as i initially thought but by Camera Armor (aptly making camera armor) and it is a dull silicon jacket of about 5mm thick.

This thing gives the impression that it will withstand some pretty tough abuse of sweaty hands and incidental bumps as you climb around.

Only setback for now is that i can't use this with the battery grip that i have so greatly gotten used to.

The camera armor comes in 6 parts.

There is a manual to show you how it would install it onto your D90 in the box.

There are buttons all dedicated and embossed onto the silicon which will not make you wonder which button to press.

The lens protector looked like it could double up as a hood. This is good as my 18-55VR do not have a hood!

If this is out in the market and i sees it, feel it...first impression would say i will buy it if i have ready cash to spare.

It felt sturdy even in the plastic moulded casing it comes with-that us just how much the silicon armor lend as a protection even to itself.
The review stops here for now as i do not have my camera with me - but am already excited.

To be continued...

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