Tuesday, March 30, 2010

IronMan Langkawi 2010 PhotoBook

I just recieved my IMMY Photobook done by Snap-Attack.com.
I had my first one done last year and this year, they suprised me by providing me another one (and i pay them, of course).

Here is what you get for RM450~RM500 (PROMOTIONAL PRICE 2010). Bear in mind that these chaps in Snap-Attack.com ploughed through the day for 17hours non-stop to capture the images, and shortlist them that are worthy to be used, post-processed and printed into personalised photobooks.
Snap-Attack.com does more than just sports photography and if any of you need their services, you can contact them at their webpage and tell them what you want.
Prices are of course depending on the assignment and the guys works on volume and charges according to the numbers. So, if you have say, a group of people each requesting pesonalised album for an event, the individual charges will be cheaper than only a couple getting married/registered.
Snap-Attack.com aims to be affordable and gives you the best value for money with great shots and post-production effort.
Edited 31st March to include the Actual Photobook as per these two photos
What impresses me more was how much they looked the same physically and the pics from the PDF that Snap-Attack emailed me to check for approval!!!
Here are all 21 pages of it with no less than 40 photos! You have to bloody pay RM1.5K to get 21pieces of corny wedding photos outside!
Be your own judge and see their work yourself!
EDITED 1st April 2010 : If you are interested to engage Snap-Attack! to take photos of your events, engagement (or break-ups), fish, dogs, cats, father, mother, family, in-laws (out-laws too), underwater (or any water), food, products etc etc, call:

Shazly Khan at Digi- 646 FOUR FOUR 6 FOUR 
Jason Hue at Maxis - 273 ONE THREE ONE 8
(Have to do it this way to prevent bots from picking up stuffs like these) 


  1. Great work, and it's not too expensive considering their labour.

  2. average ppl paying RM1.5K for half a day shooting (wedding) and only get softcopy of the photos...the quality of this photobook is...damn nice!

  3. do you know if the photographers would do the same for half ironman later this year?

    do you have their contact number? i want to inquire..


  4. Bandit...thank you for your interest. I am editing the post and putting in the phone number in a while.

  5. wow! didn't know that snap attack can make album of one's photos. thanks for sharing this :)

  6. Ann - :) best is that they make sure things are in proportion and the color balanced..