Thursday, March 11, 2010 : Photoshop For Beginners

Ever wondered how a mundane looking photo turned into masterpiece like this?

Or like this

or how about this?

Perhaps this?

Equipments, photo composition and timing aside, post processing of photographs is like a skill that is essential for today's photographers, be it that they do it as a hobby or for a living. A lot of beautiful photos that was taken were not exploited to it's fullest potential and a lot of stories went untold.

Here is one good example.

The photo on the left is original. After some logical touch up and adjustment, the photo comes alive and it seems that the runner on the right is racing against the machine. Else, the original with the men standing on the side and the color redention less than vibrant will not capture or tell a story better than the right.

Digital darkroom is all about manipulating the image without making them looking unreal. It is like the ol'skool photographer having fun in his darkroom, washing the photos under those red light in his darkroom and hanging the photos to dry... is offering a two days course at their studio this weekend (13th and 14th March 2010) for digital darkroom noobs or beginners. Please call Shazly Khan at Digi-646 4464 or Jason Hue at Maxis-273 1318. You can email them at

PS - mention my name (Stupe or Ee-Van) and you might just be offered a discount.


  1. Love these photos... hope to have something like this done for me in a couple of months! But for now.. need to get in tip-top shape first!

  2. DM - just give SK a call. he will be more than happy to do that. make sure you are ripped!