Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Petrosains Muzika Exhibition!

Music, who don’t love them? My son Ryan swears by Little Einsten and he could hum classical music at  2 years old. Nadia, my daughter, dances and moves to music from Mickey Mouse Club.

From Nursery Rhyme and Sound of Music to even cartoon soundtrack, the kids simply love music. Myself? I run and cycle to music. Dangerous yes, especially when you put traffic into equation. But to some, the noise of traffic is music to them!

I got to know about a current ongoing musical exhibition happening at Petrosains at KLCC called Petrosains Muzika, The Science Of Music. The exhibition will showcase the history of music, the technology and most of all, it offers fun for the whole family.

Now, what better way to bring the kids there and let them experience it themselves rather than from television?

There is opportunity to play DJ and have the chance to “scratch” some vinyl on the turntable and pretend to be playing some funky groovy beat for the crowd to dance to.

One of the highlight of the exhibition is that you will have a chance to try your hand in playing a guitar. No bigga deal, right? Well what if I tell you it is AIR guitar? Yeap, a guitar that is there but not there and all you need to do is to pretend to play through the air and listen to yourself axe the virtual guitar. Time to give Axl (Rose) a run for his money.

If air guitar ain’t your cup of tea and you wants to be a lead singer like Phil Collins that plays drum, you can feel like one here. They have…air percussion machine!

Now, wait till Ryan tries his hand on this virtual stuff. I bet he will kick up some great axing and drumming  to awe the crowd.

If you think that Mariah Carey has unlimited octave in her voice, wait until you see and touch the Neverending Piano. Nadia might be able to match this too, but of course, I will have to wait until she is much older and could take instruction better.

The wonder of this Neverending Piano is that there is no low or high note in this infinite piano. It was introduced by Roger Shepard in 1964. I am not sure how this work, and perhaps it is best to see it yourself and experience it even.

If you think the Neverending Piano is a work of technology, in come the virtual Lemur Multi-touch keyboard! It was created in 2003 and it gives you the very Star Trek feel. Beam me up Scottie!

A music exhibition will not be complete if you do not hear music. With 90 songs from all over the world in the Song About Us section, we get to listen to songs that are about the community of the country. So, there are certain truths that music unites where things divide. Certainly worthy to find out more!

The layout of the globe gives new meaning to “piped-music”!!!

Listening to the Globe is like having the whole world in your finger literally! The kids will spend hours on this thing – perhaps good excuse for the parents to go shopping?

Or you could play “find the country” with them. This is definitely a good way to teach culture and language to the kids – young or old alike!

The above aren’t just the attraction at the exhibition. There are also a magical harp (no strings attached, literally)and even history about music (ever wondered how Jazz comes about?).

How about the very basic of how a brass pipe organ works?

Visit Petrosains Muzika website now and even stand a chance to win a PS3 and even an Ipod Touch amongst other in the online contest. 
Now, imagine if I win any of the online quiz, I might just quit the sports I am doing and turn full time gamer. Not. But nevertheless, it will be nice to win something. What more, it comes with one full year of Petrosains membership!

The exhibition runs Tuesday to Friday from 9.30am to 4.30pm (last admission time)  and to 5. 30pm (last admission time) on weekend and public holiday. Petrosains is closed on Monday unless it is a Public Holiday.

The admission is free for kids below 4 years old, RM3 for the 5-12 year olds and a flat RM6 for everyone else. There is also a packaged entrance to Petrosains to include both the Muzika and the Main exhibition itself. 

For more information of the Petrosains Muzika, do visit the website Here

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