Wednesday, March 03, 2010

To My Biggest Supporter

I love you with all my heart. I have expected you to be there to support me during the race for a full 17hours but it never did occurs to me that you will walk 30km with me!

Guess your aim to do a 21km this year has been fulfilled and you did it in style - in the Teva sandals.

I've given my everything in the race and you have given your all for me.

I love you

Tesa - thanks for the pic. This one beats my finishing photo!


  1. U r one lucky dude!
    Kudos to your wife! *respect*

  2. I am one lucky bastard and not making any secret about that.

  3. Ahhhhh....what I wanna know. Who look after the kids? Great story. Not many couple could do this....well done.

  4. Tri-Mummy - NONE other than the next powerhouse at in the family ....MY MUM.

    if my Mum-in-Law were any better (health wise), she would then split the duty with my MUM.

    So, behind every successful man, is really not JUST ONE WOMAN. it's all the women in his life giving all the support.


  5. pleasure's all mine Stupe..You da Man!!

  6. Tesa - thank you very much, again!

  7. Auw man, this is freaking sweet.

  8. hey..thats soooo sweet!!!! :) i like this photo.

  9. haha so sweet=) the race was crazily tough sir. wish i could end the torture early.
    u're very lucky to have a wife who accompanied u with sandal. didn't she get blister???
    i agree with u, if the race is easy, i wouldn't be so eager to do it=)

  10. good job OP stupe...that pix was sweet!!! keep it for generations to come!!

    op rosazizan

  11. adoiiih..
    aku pulak rasa nak nangis tgk gmbr ni..
    terharu sehhhh.. so sweet