Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Biotherm Race To Gain Competition

Are you a Biotherm user like me?

I’ve been the user of their AquaSource Ultra-Cool Hydrating Gel and I’ve never turned back since.
When they launched a set of new homme (or man, if your French is non-existence) facial care than promised to recharge fatigue skin.
It is no longer considered as “man” if you do not have a grooming regime and the “metrosexual” trend going around for the past 5 years, men nowadays put more care into their skin care regime.
Facial are no longer confined to women and men are equally vain when it comes to beauty.
Biotherm Homme Recharge is like you overhauling your combination, or even normal skin and giving it the cleansing, charging and reservoir it has so badly been craving.
There is a fan page on Facebook for Biotherm user and currently they are having a contest promotion for the upcoming F1 race in Sepang.
It is called Race to Gain and you stand to win Biotherm Homme (that’s for male) products and tickets to the Petronas Malaysian F1 Grand Prix! 
Click this red sentence to the Facebook Link to Biotherm

What does the game entails?

Here is my lame attempt to try it. When you first click on the Race To Gain tab in the Facebook page, you will be brought to the starting screen
If you are a game noob like me, press on the “How To Play” button to understand how this game are played.
The game that you will be playing ties back to the new products’ cleansing regime of the new products.
The game is divided into three parts. The first part (or Step 1) were aptly called “Revitalise Cleansing” where you have to “clean” the visor of the F1 driver’s helmet.
Yeap, for your info, the duty of wiping the F1 Driver’s visor are reserved for the upper echelon amongst the pit crew. It is not something any pitcrew gets to do. It is like you being a waterboy to the driver where you test every single drink and food the driver takes to ensure that the food is safe.

You have to align the red button that in this stage, do not move, with the bigger donut, that moves. Every “hit” you get are labeled as Perfect, Good or Fail. Every hit will have their own scoring.
Once this is done, the second stage (or Step 2) are called “Prepare and Energise” where your task now is to change the tires on the speed machine. This is similar to preparing your skin and getting it ready to be energized or moisturized. This is strictly a machoman work as hauling those big (but light) magnesium alloy rims and removing it with powertools is the epitome of manliness. Yeap, Macho Man moisturizes.

While doing that, you will notice a tachometer like indicator in the middle where it will move clockwise. The slower you press your spacebar, the higher the number become and once it touches the redline…you failed that stage.
So, accuracy AND speed is utmost importance here.

So far so good?
The last stage (Step 3) is called “Energy Resevoir” where it’s akin to putting moisturizer onto your skin and recharging them back to youth. This time, you get to play the role of the only pit crew that dressed differently. The Fuel-man. Doing this requires superhero ability in real life and in this game as real men ensure that they take care of their skin and keep reserves to maintain it from looking worn or old, or results of any combination skin issues.

Just how hard is the game?
Just like doing the Biotherm Homme 3 Steps skincare to Recharge your face, it’s simple. You will keep improving and before you know it, it is part of your grooming regime!
Here are my 3 attempts at playing it and you can see just how much I improved!

The top 10 players has astronomical score in their pocket, but I ain’t giving up yet. I already found a trick or two to improve on my score, but I am not going to share them. I want the F1 Ticket

You will be asked to register with a valid email and also your IC number (so if you win, you can claim your prize) with address.  Hardly a sweat really and every time you play, you will just need to enter your details at the end of the game to submit your score.

This contest start from 15th March 2010 until 31st July 2010 and a monthly winner with the highest score wins!

The prizes should set you to really start playing and mastering the game and you have up to four and a half months to do it!

So, what are you waiting for? Prizes up to RM5000 awaits you and there is the free tixs to the F1 Race in Sepang in April!
If you do not get the tixs you stand to win the Biotherm Homme Recharge products, which makes you look better than some F1 Driver (or so you hope). How does that sound?
Click the tab "Race to Gain" and get set, ready and GO!
P.S  - you can even challenge your friends if you know their username. Loser buy F1 Tickets!

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