Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Distraction On The Road : Lethal On The Road

This is my 10minutes bike ride on August 15, 2013 from home to office. I've compressed it to 4mins and if you see the video, the first 4:30 (of actual time) saw 3 distracted drivers on the road using phone and 1 having his breakfast. They were lucky to escape with no accident - but for how long?

Video is captured in Full HD and if your bandwidth allows it, view it in that resolution and you may just catch what I saw when I played back to see the car numbers and evidence of them being on the phone. 
Two days after I uploaded this video, a runner known as Ms Lai was hit by a 4wd that the driver was distracted and tried to pick up his phone, swerve across the road, hit her and roll her under the 4wd. He then tried to run away but was caught by fellow runners.

So drivers out there, motorcyclists out there. Stay focused on the road. Distraction is not just handphone and food, but I've seen how drivers even get distracted by their passengers shouting or pointing to objects/buildings etc as they drive. These are all potential for disaster too. 

However, handphone usage is the Number 1 distraction while driving. Give it a thought and impose a self restrained ENGINE ON, HANDPHONE OFF policy.

Help yourself stay alive and stop being being a hazard on the road!


  1. otak berjelaga macam ekzos kereta mereka

    1. Eksos bersih, mungkin bagai brake dust...

  2. Such is life in Malaysia n developed countries... Come to Kenya or Ethiopia buddy to the village ... No hit and run cases.. why... u can't drive more than 30km/hr on this roads... At times walking is faster as the car gets stuck in the mud..

    Yahoooooooooooooo........... I love Africa... Back to my kids days........... Enjoy...................

    Subra, Kenya

    1. Subra - you are absolutely right. :) Catch up soon?

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