Thursday, August 22, 2013

United Voice : Thank You Contributors!

On August 17, 2013, I sent out a pledge on my Twitter for a pledge to raise fund. The benefactor is United Voice which is a society that aim to help and empower those with learning disabilities.

The event went well and I believe the fund raising were successful as well. 

The quick call for funds saw the amount going from Zero to MYR1518 as of 4.30pm on August 21, 2013!.

Oh behalf of United Voice and the teams that took part to raise the funds, we would like to thank all of you contributors and for myself, those that has pledged the funds through me. It is very motivating to see the pledges coming in and for that I put in the same effort to run as fast as I can on the treadmill. 

The 44:37 10km is for all of you contributors.
Enjoy this short video montage captured using JVC Adixxion XA1 on the day of event.

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