Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review : Givi Jet M11 D-Visor Helmet

I had previously reviewed the Nolan N91 in my blog and been using that helmet on my daily commuting purposes. The fullface modular helmet has been worn as a full face and seldom as an open face homologation. When i purchased my bike, I bought an extra helmet (top up from the differences of the free scrambler-type helmet) with the main purpose of letting wifey use when I obtain my full B license. 
Givi Jet M11 Helmet
I must say that helmet has since moved from the boring retro cap that were worn for one purpose to keep the head protected to being more innovative and contemporary styled. Givi is an Italian brand and they have a following outside of Malaysia when it comes to protective gears. In Malaysia, they are better known as the "Motorbike Box Storage" manufacturer.
Note the big black box behind the bike
Otherwise, you will see motorbikers wearing the Givi raincoat which were usually given FOC when someone buy a motorbike. No, I do not have a raincoat from Givi if you are wondering.
The Givi Jet M11 retails for about RM250 at the motorbike shop and it is not considered to be cheap by local standard. Many motorbikers will get a free helmet when they buy their bike. These are the basic helmet and some does not carry the SIRIM or Malaysian Standard certification for safe usage on the road. With protective gears like a helmet, your life is as expensive as price you pay for the protection. At RM250, you can get yourself fancier better looking helmet. Do keep in mind that a minimum of a DOT/ECE is your best bet as these are the more widely accepted standard (these helmet able to withstand 250G to 275G respectively). Our SIRIM certification is in compliance with ECE 22.05
Bet you never knew
So, having said that, do look out for compliance helmet and this Givi is one such helmet that will offer you some peace of mind when you wear it for riding. Shape wise, the revised contemporary styled helmet packs in quite a few features.
The helmet comes with a double visor (hence the D) that consist of an internal smoked sun visor and a transparent anti-scratch outer.

There are two air vents at the front/top and three at the back to assist in air flow internally. Some truth about these vents - as with any helmet, unless it is open faced or aggressively designed to allow for air to enter (read : OPEN), air flow is restritive. You will still pespire.

Anti-scratch visor. Visible on the top is the two air-vents
The inner fabric is anti-allergenic inners that are removable and washable. So you have an option to wash it or replace it (not sure about the price) if needed. A better alternative is to wear a headscarf or those Bufff-like scrafs to help absorb sweat. I use it all the time even on short trips. It help to hold the ears down when you put on or pull off the helmet.
The holes with mesh is supposed to aid air flow and draw stale air out
Double-visors helmet has been a norm nowadays. I found that even with the inner visor down, you will still have to put the main visor down when riding above 40km/h. The wind and dust WILL get into your eyes.

Pilot mode
Activation of the inner visor is through a lever situated at the bottom left of the helmet. 

Inner smoked visor lever/Activator
Back of helmet with the large airvent at the top and two vents on the bottom left and right
The helmet strap comes with a D-ring/buckle that essentially allows you to use it to lock/hook onto the motorbike. My bike does not have this feature so it is in the box it goes.
Useful to lock the helmet
Adjustment of the straps is similar to my Nolan N91 where there is a micrometric adjustment that allow for quick and more comfortable use.
One hand adjutment possible
For an open face helmet, this is not considered cheap at the price it is selling. Other parallel imported ECE certified fullface helmet may cost just slightly more compared to this. However, the premium you are paying even out with the features that comes with this helmet not available in other fullface (that are ECE compliance) such as the micrometric adjustment, the nice (good quality) inner, anti-scratch visor and the build-in smoked visor. 
I usually use this on the weekend on shorter ride to the shop or as a spare helmet should the Nolan N91 paddings are removed for washing. As with all helmet, treat it with care and respect. It will save your head (and life) if you have a fall.

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