Monday, August 05, 2013

Running Bukit Kiara : What Goes In My Mind

I took two videos while running in Bukit Kiara a while ago. The initial intention was to provide a video commentary of the GoTrail that I wrote about a few days back. One thing lead to another and before I know it, I was actually talking out loud what I was actually thinking in my head while I was running! Sensing it was silly, I was two-ended if I should just keep quiet but since i was alone, i thought it would be fun to record and listen back to what I was talking as I was running. Enjoy the two videos. Sorry about the bare torso run. I forgot to bring extra change of clothes and had to remove the only top I have and ran this way. I guess I scared some monkeys doing this.
(By the way, it was liberating.)
Part 1 : Running Down Carnival from Junction

Part 2 : Running reverse Office and Overtime (and chicken hunting)

With Puasa month ending soon and the race calendar starting to be filled up, I will likely plan a few runs in Kiara as a method to strengthen the muscle and increase the stamina and power. If you are interested in joining, leave a message with your email so i can coordinate something.
Over to you all ;-)


  1. Nice one. I stay at jalan kiara 5 and getting tired of gym treadmill so ill give bukit kiara a try. maybe can catch up, my email is cheers. Nicolas.

  2. Stupe,
    hit me too if you arrange a trip there.
    my email is

  3. Looks fun! Am keen to join if time permits. Any special gear required?


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