Thursday, August 15, 2013

United Voice - Health For Life Fund Raising Event at 1 Utama

This Saturday, August 17, 2013 at One Utama Shopping complex will see a "Health For Life!" Fund raising event organised on behalf of United Voice. 

United Voice is the first society in Malaysia that is led by persons with learning disabilities which was registered in July 2005. The members of UV include persons with Down Syndrome, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Global Developmental Delay and Cerebral Palsy.

Since UV became a registered society, it has grown rapidly. More parents are beginning to realize the need to expose their children with learning disabilities to the self-advocacy movement activities so that they learn to be more independent and develop skills to voice up for themselves. To date, United Voice has 183 active members.

The society believes in "Self-advocacy". A person with learning disability will be the best person to tell others what they need to overcome the disability. However, a group of us will be doing Citizen-Advocacy where we will speak on behalf of United Voice to raise awareness to their need and help to raise some funds for their daily operation.

Because of the nature of work undertaken by organizations such as United Voice, more parents are beginning to realize the needs and benefits of exposing children with learning disabilities to self-advocacy programs, as these will aid their children to learn and acquire skills of self-dependency. In turn, such skills lead to the eventuality of developing an inner confidence within them to voice up and be heard, as well as empowering them to take up their rightful place within society.

Health & Fitness Fundraising Event
The objective of the fundraising project that we are proposing today is to help UV raise funds to meet the cost of continuing the work behind this noble mission. This project shall be titled‘HEALTH & FITNESS FOR LIFE!’ and will encompass the following activities.

To kick-off the festivities for the day, UV will be flagging off in the morning two
physically challenging sporting events featuring a long distance run on two treadmills and a long distance cycling ride on two stationary bicycles. For each discipline, two teams will pit against each other in a race to complete pre-set targeted distances. In line with our policy of empowering UV members, each of the four teams will also feature two members from UV for the ‘First Mile’ and ‘Last Mile’ stages of the race. Individually, we hope these four teams will also commit to helping UV raise funds to the amount of RM5,000.00 per team.

Whilst the sporting events are on-going, UV will also be holding its second activity, which is a health talk. This is a seminar event that will be presented by well-known doctors and specialists. Their talks will be centered on topics of healthy living for people with learning disabilities. To fill in the gaps in-between speakers, UV has also secured the joint participation of Celebrity Fitness to come on-board to hold fitness related performances (eg.Body Pump, etc.) on stage.

This Saturday, August 17 at 1 Utama - A Fund Raising Is ON!
A. Cycling
i. Two teams made up of 2 persons-with-disability (PWD) + 4 abled cyclists per
ii. Targeted distance: 106 km
Stages: 3km (x1 PWD) + 25km (x4 cyclists) + 3km (x1 PWD)
iii. Duration: Approximately 6 hours from 11am – 5pm

B. Running
i. Two teams made up of 2 persons-with-disability (PWD) + 4 abled runners per team.
ii. Targeted distance: 42 km
Stages: 1km (PWD x 1) + 10km (Runners x 4) + 1km (PWD x 1)
iii. Duration: Approximately 6 hours from 11am – 5pm

I will be involved with the RUN competition leading a team of 6 runners going against another team lead by Dr. Ong Kian Ming (MP of Serdang).

Itinerary Programme for United Voice Health & Fitness Fundraising Event
Time Sports Competition Health Talk
09.30am – 10.30am Participants registration Guests registration
10.30am – 11.00am Fundraising event opening -speech by President of United Voice (Felicia Fang)
11.00am Competition starts
02.00pm – 02.30pm 1st Speaker: Brain Gym
02.30pm – 02.45pm Celebrity Fitness – Fitness programme
03.00pm – 03.30pm 2nd Speaker: Nutritionist by Dato Dr Rajen
03.30pm – 03.45pm Celebrity Fitness – Fitness programme
04.00pm – 05.00pm Competition ends 3rd Speaker: Rhythmic Movement by Prema Premalatha
05.00pm – 06.00pm Prize presentation and lucky draw

The organiser of this event has contacted me a few months back and has expressed his wish for me to be involved. I note that in recent months' I've shout out for contributions to a few charity like for Dignity, NASAM and helping inspirational people like Seow Kong and PT Lam to raise some money for charity of their choices. 

If you are reading this and wish to pledge your donation, do drop by this Saturday at 1 Utama New Wing and look for us. A pledge card will be available and anyone donating more than RM300 will be given a token for lucky draw. All donations will be tax exempted so your details will be much appreciated. You can also contact me at im at and pledge your donation if you do not want to go directly to UV or to come over to 1 Utama. I will help pass the donation to them in person.

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