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Review : Maximum Visibility Possible MVP FibreFlare

This is the last installment of the FibreFlare products range that I am working to get the distributorship from. In fact, this range was the main reason that has brought me to look for FibreFlare. By now, everyone reading this know I am commuting on the motorcycle and I need some sort of active safety devices to stay visible. Having reflector helps, but that is passive safety where it requires lights to be shined on the surface before being visible.

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Product name: Maximum Visibility Possible (M.V.P). 
Available colours: Red, Yellow, and Green.
Price: RM124 each (RRP)
Inclusive: 2 silicone ladder slings and 2 suction cups.
Warranty: 3-months.
1. Length: 340mm.
2. Power source: 4 x AAA batteries.
3. Battery life: 80+ hours (strobe), 30+ hours (solid).
4. Visibility: 300+ meters (omni-direction; all directions).
5. Fibre Optic Core: 6mm OD.
6. Mounting options:
a. 2 silicone ladder slings.
b. 2 silicone suction cups.
c. 2 pieces 3M landing pads (for non-smooth helmet surfaces).
7. Housing covers: Water resistant & impact resistant.

The MVP is basically a helmet light. It is made and meant for helmet usage though the application can be limited only by your imagination. 
360Degree Visibility
The Battery and Control unit
Comes with Ladder Sling for attachment to cycling helmet or any other surface
On Bicycle Helmet
This is how the sample unit attach itself to the bicycle helmet. The Ladder Sling attachment were used for this purpose. The color (green) of the knob denotes what color this FibreFlare is. That is also the activation knob for the MVP.
One screw to open/close the control/battery unit
Battery cover removed to reveal 2xAAA battery. The round knob is how the suction cup or the Ladder Sling attaches to this unit. Shown is the YELLOW (on loan to me) unit. The MVP wording in Yellow denotes the FibreFlare Color

The Ladder Sling in place
Loop over the Ladder Sling and insert the notch on the hook
And You are done!
How it looked like from the back of a cycling Helmet
On Motorbike Helmet
A simple swap of the Ladder Sling with the suction cup convert the MVP into a Motorbike helmet ready light. The unit comes with 2 pads (3M quality) to be used on non-smooth surface helmet. What this meant is that it can be used on matte surface helmet.
The Suction Cup
As my helmet is smooth surface, sticking the MVP onto the helmet was not an issue. The biggest (petty issue) was to put the MVP dead centre. Yes, I am anal when it comes to things like this.
The MVP switched ON.
I first experimented the MVP on my Givi helmet (Review of this practical everyday use helmet soon). and it lighted up well in a semi-dark room.
In fact, it lighted up the whole working desk
The intensity of the light was good and it surely did utilise the shiny helmet surface to reflect back some of the lights.
Looked like double light source
ON my Nolan (where I use this helmet on daily basis for elevated safety factor),it was easy as well because the helmet surface is smooth.
Stuck On You - as Elvis would sing
This is how it looked like in early evening as I was preparing to go home.
Uneven light beam is due to the flashing mode I set.
The photo below shows the MVP lighted on the Helmet. Apologies for the bad quality as the iPhone camera has biased the lighting to compensate on the brighter headlamp. Else, I can vouch that the MVP on the helmet is as bright, if not brighter than the headlight.
Imagine the visibility earned at night fall
Here is a short video review of the FibreFlare MVP unit. Soon after the review of this unit, I have removed it to return back to the distributor. I will be purchasing a new one so i can use it for my own safety and visibility. So if you see a motorbiker with his helmet blinking...that could just be me. ;-)

If this interest you, please email me at im at tristupe dot com to place an order. I will liaise with the distributor to get this to you. :)

Other Products
NEW! FibreFlare Super Shorty USBThis is a new addition and it is powered by rechargeable battery which can be charged using USB. If you are interested with this, email me!
  • Styling : same as current FibreFlare Shorty product format with Silicone Covers & ABS housing (10mm OD Fibre Optic)
  • Total Product Length (assembled) = 210mm
  • 2 x White 0.5WATT LED’s = 1 WATT Total Power (DOUBLE the POWER of a standard Fibre Flare Shorty or Micro Flare DUO)
  • Uses 2 x ‘AAA’ Alkaline or Rechargeable Batteries (Alkaline included)
  • Battery Life = 35 Hrs Flashing / 15 Hrs Constant
  • Visible Over 300 meters
  • Blister Packaging – Blister with Full Colour Art Card instructions and Batteries
  • 12 Month Warranty
1W of Awesomeness
Functions on both 2xAAA or Rechargable batteries!
Light Saber?
Additional Accessories - Ladder Sling (Price upon request)
Great to be used as spare or as an extension to wrap around larger tubes, like on a 6-inch pipe for safety visibility reasons

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