Monday, January 22, 2007

Best Car of the World Adverts

Like 5 years old telling their 5 years old friend whose daddy is stronger, bigger and better looking, i can't help but smile at how these few reknowned car manufacturer poke fun at each other with their (over) achievements.

It all started with BMW putting up a congratulatory message to one of their rival, Audi.

I meant to say: Bugger, in South Africa only what, in Malaysia you are nothing!

Then of course, expect friendly fire from Audi.

I meant to say: I know la Proton tried to be BMW of Asia, but they failed...aren't you gonna suffer the same fate?

Heck, it's mocking at its best.

But as per how other 5 years old would fight, there will be one of them which will stand up and say that his/her daddy is the best of the best of the best!

I meant to say: YOU TWO dumb Blondes!

And just like the classic fight, there will be someone that would have the last say.

I meant to say: take it like a man, you pussies!

Now, if we were to interpolate this advert scenario into Malaysian Automotive scene, who do you think would be BMW, Audi, Subaru and Bentley?

My take is BMW would be Proton (naturally, since Waja is the BMW of Asia), Audi to be Perodua, Subaru to be Naza and Bentley to be Alado!

End of the day, the China's Alado with their cheap copycat-cut-paste cars will have the last laugh as the first 3 manufacturer tries to outdo each other.

Then again, i seriously think that Proton can fit into Audi's shoe, instead of being a 6 times champ in Le Mans, Proton is, afterall, the master of Facelifting Technology which has remaked the 7 years old Waja, at least 3 times?

Even the 20 years old Saga is now rebadged as Iswara and the Wira is still running around (with 15 inch rims, no less) and lets not even go into Waja or the much hyped Neo (Which, by the way, was late by 1 year). And lets not forget that Savvy is winner of the best supermini car in Malaysia (well, according to AmFinance and NST that happen, beats me).

Overall, i think Proton should be Bentley, sticking their finger(s) up to the rest of the world! Who else can produce 1100hp car?

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