Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Magazines Subscriptions

Wifey has with her, tonnes of National Geographic magazines dated back in 1970's till early 90's. With a few issues missing here and there, this rack of magazines got to be amongst my favourite at home.

Now, problem with living in Malaysia is that some of these so called *overseas* magazines comes with a premium price (fortunately, National Geographic isn't one of them). Muscle & Fitness are priced at a hefty RM29.90 (that's USD 8.54 per issue at the current rate).

I sort of surf right into this site that let you subscribe to magazines and just check out how competetive the pricing of the magazines could be! Muscle & Fitness subscription for USD29.97 a year (that works out to RM8.74 per issue, DAMN!)

This site too offers subscription to over 1,300 magazines at the lowest prices allowed by the publishers for general internet sales, which explain how they could offer such obscenely cheap magazine.

Heck, even the back copies that is sold in our local magazine shop would cost us about RM19 (that's USD5.42) for copies that everyone has already read since like forever!

I am now checking if they do mail to Malaysia FOC. If it does, then, that is great, isn't it? Imagine the Runner's World, Car And Driver, Glamour and even...Guns yo could read for a fraction of the price!

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