Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stupe, The Law Enforcer

Now, how would you like to be called the above?

Unfortunately, i was accused, blamed and labelled as such!

It all started when i help the guards at my condo to clamp a Waja which was parked at the common car wash area about a week ago.

I was told by the guard that this was the second time that this car parked at a spot not designated to him/her.

So, today, as i logged into the forum, imagine the shock i had when i saw someone posting something that sounded like this:

posted on this thread:

"Stupe, I thought you say the onwer is a lady without brains? Well, first you say that you know she's a lady then you say HE storm into the guard house with a metal piece. Eh, you please make up your mind la. So absent minded or are you experiencing amnesia? getting old already i guess. I heard from the owner that he/she parked in a wrong place. he apologised for that and he thinks that the the law enforcer ie. security guard has been assigned to enforce law in this lovely living place which soon will turn into war zone. anyways, he/she also mentioned that destroying ppl"s property ie. car is also wrong (patient onwer: please take note about law. u you don't take up law studies via internet, moron!). the waja onwer simply parked on the wrong spot the first time and paid rm50 for it. deserve him/her right. but what is funny is that when he/she ask the security guard why didnt you clamp the other car parking at the washing bay? the guards reply that parking at washing bay is alright. so the poor waja owner thinks its fine for he/she to park there. well, for all you know, there is a so- call perdana view condo "privately/exclusive organise security guards aka heroes" has been setting up "private operations" that stick labels on these cars with their own juice and on top of that, they add dents on ppl's car.
not only that, the waja onwer is piss because these "private securities" created 3 dent on his/her car. who to be blame when these private securities decides to act on their own? IS THAT CORRECT or LEGALLY RIGHT? Haven't you think that acting on your own is not right? I mean, you guys are grown adults and you know very well that never to disturb other ppl's property? Unless you parents never taught u, i felt bad for your parents. Guess they won't feel good or proud of what the daughter has been doing. by the way, you don't work? Think about it stupe, you're not only person monitoring the condo now... Good on ya! At the very least, if any of our car is damage while parking in perdana view condo, we know who to look for irregardless."

and on anohter thread, he/she says this:

"yea yea... woohooo ... lets go kick and dent ppl's car like how stupe and her gang do... how much to join ur association ar? issit called the "stupe, the law enforcer" ?"

I've been staying at this place for almost 2 years and i've helped the ad hoc committee and guards to monitor the condo's safety.

I take breaks during lunch to go back and run the full 16 floor on the emergency stairwells, on both blocks, to check for irregularities in activities. This is especially so that a few units was broken in last year.

I thought i was also doing everyone a favour when i do my rounds in the parking lot since there were 8 cars being vandalised and broken into one fine morning last year.

But to recieve threat as such in the threads above...

and being accused of the doing, i guess, enough is enough.

I am not gonna fight with someone over the RM50 clamping fees, nor do i want to be labeled as a law enforcer when all i'm doing was on a voluntarary basis.

Now i felt threaten. People that knows me would know that i won't stoop so low.

How is that for being neighbourly?

And i do not like it either that he drag my family into this, saying that my parents did not teach me yada..yada..yada...

I've refrain from posting nastily and has held my tongue (in this case, finger).

Now, perhaps i should redirect all queries by the guards to his unit. So far i've been called by the guard to resolve a few matters, latest being a woman, which was drunk at 4pm in the afternoon, slept in her car, woken her up, then later she went up without even switching off her car engine, leaving behind her specs and her handbag, locked herself in her home, and only having her husband come knocking on my door at 12am, apologising and then proceed to have a major domestic arguement until 2am in the morning.

I need my sleep too, and i do not want to be involved in domestic dispute. Ironically, this unit is the same unit that has been splashing water down, wetting all my clean dried laundry. Seeing the husband, i now believe that it was the wife's doing.

So, perhaps, Mr. Destroyer would want to take over the role.

And nevermind the Law Enforcer tag that he will wear on himself!!!

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