Saturday, January 27, 2007

Of Self Defense

Now that i've felt threaten over my life, family and even my properties, i really do wish that the government would allow usage of self defense tools, such as Taser???

In US of A, where having a license to carry a firearm is as easy as us going to the shop and getting a prepaid phone line, and like a prepaid phone line in Malaysia, it is easily and cheaply available.

But, since this is not US of A, we all could do with a bit of self defence and security no?

Why didn't the government approve the usage of TASER guns? or Stun guns? I can't rely on my huge 6D cell Maglite all the time, no?

50k Volt Stun Gun...can be used for BBQ as well!

How about family with maids? afraid that you maid might abuse your kids?

Maybe this is what you need.

StealthCam Hidden Camera!

Your maid would just think you put a big ugly looking clock for her to make milk to feed your child, but in actual fact, it is spying on her, ensuring she has no side activities going on. You know...of those 18SX type.

So, with the recent happening in my home area, the stun gun might come in handy, just have to make sure i don't stun myself! :)

How about a baby monitor? This one too hgh tech looking la! But nice! Forget those walkie talkie lookalike baby monitor...

Wireles Night Vision Baby Monitor

Now, why can't our government just approve the use of the Stun Guns, if one has a valid reason that their felt their life being threaten???

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