Friday, January 19, 2007

The All New Waja Campro!!!

Well, instead of coming out with new model, all proton been doing for the past years was facelift their existing model.

This time around, Savvy and Waja got brand new face.

I was browsing through their website and horror of horror, there were at least 2 mistakes in the advert posting, which i don't think anyone actually cared to notice, or even Proton themselves cared to rectify!

New material called leatehr seats....

My Engrand isn't as good, but theirs can't be worse, no?

Also, if you are considering to buy a Waja Campro, wait no longer.

Why? Because this New Waja facelift with Campro engine is capable of churning out 1100hp! wow!!!

Ah Beng's dream come true...

Then, when i saw the headlight of this new couldn't look more plastic than the already made from plastic headlight. Sorta reminds me of the Bengwara i reviewed in one of the Autoworld forum (can't find the link, back then haven't blog! January 2004! :P)

What's with the ridges inside the headlamp?

I did an FR (Field Report) on Savvy when it was first launched. This newly face lifted Savvy doesn't look any more different from the first generation, no?

On the plus side, this new Waja comes with dual airbag (a first for proton, locally) and ABS (which am really not sure if it's the real ABS or Proton's Advance Braking System!). Even the flagship Perdana V6 doesn't have Airbags!

It is also interesting to note that the Wajas and Gen.2s and even the new Neos are now fitted with Campro engine.

Not sure if what i am gonna say next is accurate. The Campro engine in Proton, which stands for Cam Profiling (or CPS as per what Proton says) works like what Honda called their VTEC (Variable Timing Electronic Control). But ironically Campro engine is still being tested for this function (ie not available la!) Meaning the Campro engine is just, well, name sake and does nothing more than your regular engine.

Also, because it is called Campro, the working rpm for the torque and majority of the powerband to kick in is at 4500 rpm.

This was obvious in both Neo and Gen.2 as once wifey took a friend for a neo test drive and the Sales Assitant in one of the Platinum show room says that "you need to press the accelator to feel the power", that's her exact word relayed to me by wifey and friend. Her friend ended up buying a Kelisa instead.

Gen.2 is notorious as a fuel drinker. Yet, another feature that Proton claims (but doesn't happen) is that Campro IS FUEL EFFICIENT.

Dr. Iqbal recently bought a Gen.2 and hearing horror stories of the fuel consumption (something like full tank can get 250km at worse and 320 at best).

Heck, at that FC, my 1.2 Tonne Hyundai Matrix seems to be a more fuel efficient car! (Gen2 full tank is between RM70 to RM80 and Matrix is between RM80 to RM90 and does 480km easily, both 1.6liter car)

Now, how can that equate to good FC for Waja Campro if they are using the same engine (and Waja is much heavier compared to Gen.2)???

I know, some of you Proton lovers will hate me for this, i'm no Proton Basher, just merely pointing out my observation. My family was a loyal Proton user, but we stop after getting the last Proton Saga Magma in the early 90's. National car manufacturer wise, i would put my money in Perodua.

And we are still giving Proton all the priviledge, and yet, still can't compete globally?

Edited: has since updated the website with the proper info(as of 1518hours on 19th Jan 07 but only on the 1100hp item, still come with "leatehr" seats!). Small timer like me also can cause them to kelam kabut ah?

Also Check out Paul Tan's write up on this new Waja

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