Monday, January 29, 2007

Diapers & Diarrhea

As usual, Diethelm (or DKSH) warehouse sales are usually packed.

Saturday and Sunday was no exception.

I drove myself to DKSH at Section 17 at about 8.30am and thought i must be amongst the first few there.

Imagine my shock when the cars were all parked from the UIA junction until the Sin Chew's roundabout!

Took me a good 2 hours to JUST get through the traffic (UIA-DKSH-SIN Chew-Section 17-UIA).

Cars were everywhere and anywhere and stuffs were bought as it if was FOC.

So, on Sunday, me and wifey take extra effort to wake up earlier and went to the warehouse sales again. Hoping that the crowd won't be as wild/mad/rich as Saturday, we found ourselves within stone throw from DKSH (parked in the middle of the road's divider...i know, law breaker!

First time we did was headed to the diaper section.

We spent a good RM518 on diapers alone.

And this are our bounty.

8 packs of S52 and 6 packs of M72 - all in, 4 boxes.

Buying the Matrix was a good choice as the boot is carvenous enough to carry this much alone, and with space infront for more still.

Can last for 4 or 5 months only...

We left Ryan with his godma.

And later in the afternoon, as if that he knows he got tonnes of diapers to waste, he was down with diarrhea.

First time. From 1pm until this morning at 8.30am, he has shitted 6 times. Not good as the stool was watery. We've done everything as per usual and kinda baffled how this could happen.

His appointment with Dr. Yong is this afternoon at 2.30pm.

Hope he will recover in no time. See how a simple diarrhea could make new parents (like us) worried?

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