Friday, January 05, 2007

The Day I Was Taken Off Banned from Adsense

My shortlived fantasy of striking it big as a millionaire by hosting adsense on my blog came to an abrupt end yesterday.

I was accused of *multiplying* my earnings by clicking on the ads just once too many times.

I admit that i did click on the ads, but not to the extend that it would earn me millions, if not hundreds.

My last Adsense earning was a measly USD 12.52, which is actually an accumulated sum since i signed up last year somewhere in May.

Now, even the USD 12.52 is not gonna go into my name, i felt at the very least, they shuld honour the amount before they deem my account, err... "to be violating our terms and condition"

I've written to them to explain, maybe it was the Firefox add on that i fix (to monitor Adsense earnings) or maybe it could be the work of my boss' kids, which come to the office to use the PC. As i've set the homepage to be my blogpage, and this office has 3 PCs connected via the same ADSL line via a router, with 2 of them having my blog as the start page.

Infact, maybe my visitor traffic, which amount to about 150 on a very very good day (worse i had was 15 visitors and best was 350, but that only occur once for the later). Maybe my web audience is too low that it's unbelievable that there is that many people that click on my blog page.

I've been a faithful user of Google services (despite Steve telling me Google is evil) and to have the relationship come to this stage, is to me, a bit sad la.

I know my ramblings won't be heard by the people at Google Adsense, but let this serve as a lesson to all that think making it big via Adsense is possible... we are just pawns in the world wide web, bound by more fine prints than the sales and purchase agreement that you signed to by your own property.

So, with a sad (abeit happy) note, here you are, my blog, again, minus the adsense ads.

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