Monday, September 08, 2008

Butter Cake Weekend

This is not intentionally done to entice my fasting brothers and sisters

500gram of Butter cake mix
250 gram butter
5 Sized B eggs

Since this will be our first butter cake, we decided that we will use the most expensive butter there is. What else but SCS?

It was sold at RM7.50 at the local hypermarket and almost RM8 at some baking shop. But i managed to find one place that sell them for less than RM7.

First step is to cream the butter. I was given the task to whisk it until it become fluffy and light. A big task when the food processor you have is only 210W maximum. It took me a good 30 minutes to cream that butter. FYI, i've not tasted SCS butter before, because it's expensive. I don't recall ever tasting SCS butter.

250g SCS Butter in that mixing bowl

I can't help but think how unhealthy this cake will be...250gram of butter...hmm...

But it's SCS, right?

Back to the process:

Once the butter has been creamed, the Eggs and Flour mix must be inserted alternatedly. The Eggs we have is sized C (Tesco ran out of A sized they can sell C sized for RM7.99/30 and call them and the recipe called for 5 Sized B. So, to compensate, we decided to put in 7 sized C eggs.

Seven Eggs - each for one deadly sins

We sieved the flour to make sure that the texture will be smooth and not lumpy as well.

Sieved flour mixture

Since i am not an expert in "folding" flour, wifey showed me what she knows.

Foldin' it in

Taking the lead, i continued to fold in the remaining eggs and flour.

Greatly handicapped with no proper baking utensil, i found myself folding in with those flexible whatchamacallit plastic knife. It's tedious. I could feel lactic acid building up in my forearm!

Can la...

The folded mixture was further folded until the mixture was of a creamy consistency and pour that into whatever aluminium baking tray we have (and it's a square one).

The mixture was then placed into the oven at a pre-heated 180 degree C and set to bake for an hour.

Zero Minutes

30 Minutes

We then noticed that the middle was rising higher than the sides and immediately turned the temperature down to 170 degree C. We don't want any eruption of any surface breakage on the cake, won't look appealing!

One Hour!

The cake above might not look appealing initially, but once we removed the cake from the pan, what we saw was some moist, soft not too browned surface which had my saliva flooding the mouth. Sinful!

The initial plan was to cut the cake horizontally and swipe some delicious looking strawberry jam in between. But because the cake looked too delicious, we decided to forgo that process...

And the results?

Golden Yellow. Moist. Sweet and Savoury. Soft. Butter. Cake

And i packed some for myself for breakfast/lunch. Can't help but to top it off with some Hersey's choc syrup...

Melts in your mouth, and hand

He has not tasted it yet, but expect this when he does - i hope

She can't eat yet, but the smell makes her saliva in her dream of butter cake world - i hope!

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