Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Cooking Madness

My weekend started on Friday last week as i took the day off to bring Nadia for her monthly check up.

She is now 6.5kg and a good 45cm(or was it 55?) tall. Just like her brother, she hardly bulged when the needle from the triple antigen and prevnar sunk into her thighs.

Just a yelp and lasted for a good long 3 seconds.

Me and wifey decided that cooking/baking would be the best use of our weekend time. We get to do something together. We get to bond as family. And it sure beats the hell out of walking aimlessly around the mall and loading up on those heavily MSG-laced food outside.

Not that we don't have our vices such as drinking 100 plus and Kickapoo, but we try to balance out what we eat/drink.

More so, with Ryan reaching 2 years old, he is a bit of a handful. He could almost make a full sentence when he talk. It is not unusual now that he could ask for something with a please and your name at the end.

"Bina(ribena) pleaseee, papa"

"granma, (where) are you?"

"ah kong, Makan ah?"

"Mummy, Nadia, cry"

"papa, ai (want) nen nen (milk)"

Don't get funny with the last one ok!

Anyway, over the weekend, we did a few things. We shopped for baking materials/hardware in Old Town PJ; that include an industrial weighing scale which my sister call "Jual ikan scale ah?" (Fish monger scale). some 8 inches and 9 inches round tin, some baking trays, some stainless steel mugs and some other items which we thought would be nice to have. It took us 4 years of living together to buy a proper sieve, so, last weekend spree on those kitchen ware were a big improvement.

With those, we made Orange with Poppy seed muffins. Seriously delicious.

Poppy Seeds and orange peels and a dash of lemon skin

We then made a sponge cake. And this cake was the highlight of the day. We managed to get it light and fluffy and full of air. It was almost like those commercially available sponge cake baked by some bakeries...only better!

Can you imagine how soft it was...the mix only reaches half the round pan and the end results rises way above the pan!

Melt in the mouth

It went damn well with a cup of aik cheong coffee with condensed milk for tea yesterday.

Just as tea time ended, Mum In Law and wifey suggested we prepare dinner. They bought some chicken thigh from the market and decided to make some chicken chop.

Instantly, i had my mind racing as how to marinate the chicken.

So, in goes pestled cloves of garlic, chopped up shallots, onions and fresh basil leaves. It was then generously rubbed onto the chicken and lightly salted. Cover the chicken with teriyaki sauce and some L&P sauce. It was left to marinate for the next 4 hours.

Throw in sliced carrot and sliced potato and sprinkle onion rings generously

Set the oven to grill the chicken thighs and was constantly watched as to ensure no parts are burnt. At the same time, some fresh mushroom was chopped and added into the can of mushroom soup to compliment the chicken. Some french beans are steamed to go with the chicken.

By 7.30pm, dinner was ready.

Lim & Har's Kitchen

The marinate did permeated the chicken flesh, maybe due to the poking of the raw meat and beating it to further tenderise the chicken thigh.

Caramelized onion and sauted vegetable, lying precariously on a piece of succulent sweet slightly spicy chicken thigh immersed in garlic and basil smell

Served with steamed french bean on teriyaki sauce

Thank goodness i ran 12km earlier in the early morning. :)

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