Thursday, September 18, 2008

Muffins Holiday

I did a morning run yesterday as i need to be in office to get some stuff done. 5km was all i could afford and it was a miserly 5k. But i tried making the best of it by pushing it all the way. I was 29 second short of my PB for 5K (of 25:30)

I tell you, i was almost dead. Not at my fittest at the moment (or should i say when WAS i even fit to start with?) and that 5km sort of exactly what i need to jolt the body out of it's boneless state. I've gained a few pounds (maybe Kilogram, i don't know, i've decided not to keep track, it's futile) and while IM09 is about 160 days away, i seems to be taking things easy.

Right after the run (yes, i got into office at 6.50am and left about an hour later - urgent matters to attend to) i went down to take my new IC.

I looked pale in the new IC. I don't like it. Much prefer the old IC.


New - and dissappearing eyes

What say you?

For lunch, wifey decided to make her own pesto sauce. Fresh basil and pine nut was crushed with extra virgin olive oil (whatever that meant) in a pestle and mortar. It was then mixed with some spagetti and was devour as fast as it was served.

No Excuse not to eat your greens

might not look appetising, but try it and you will be hooked

After lunch, we decided to go over my parent's place, which i've not been to since i started to manage the workload in the office. Decided that i should just surprise them with something they would last expect. Here's a clue:


Needless to say the house smelt of my favourite fruit for the later half of the afternoon, in the car and in my parent's home!

We went easy on the durian cheese cream...lets not over do it, shall we?

Later at night, we decided to be more adventurous, So, we got some banana, chocolate chips and walnut bits and made more muffins.

With real banana bits and slices inside!

That complete my holiday yesterday.

This morning, the home still smell of the muffin...the banana triumph over the durian (in terms of smell).

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