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JHEOA - Bentong - FELDA Mempaga

"Lets do A BOMB", Shazly said.

"Bomb?", i retorted.

"we bust whatever we got la, then i got 1 month to recover during fasting month", he commented.

Those words scares me, but at the same time, lighted up my eyes on an otherwise stressful Tuesday.

That was almost a week ago.

And so, we decided to go ahead and clock 160KM on 30th August. Since Sunday 31st August might be reserved for a middle long distance run.

As it is, there is already CK's Le Tuang doing the JHEOA to Bentong to eat some "best ais kacang". Before i go on, JHEOA stands for Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli. It is situated pass the memory laden Mimaland along 12th Mile Jalan Gombak-Bentong.

Apart from CK and his merry band of merry pedal and jolly eaters, we have 3 others that happily planned to come along.

Tired la...

The morning started at JHEOA and Shazly's plan to come by 7am failed when he spent more time under the star to shoot KLCC. Nevertheless, we started right before 7.30am and the first part of the ride was going through Genting Sempah.

That's a nice 17.5km of climb from 345ft to 2600ft and took us 1:05.

"I think we turn back at Bentong la", Shazly lamented, obviously tired from the night before.

"we decide when we reach Bentong", i coaxed.

having second doubt eh?

Keep Moving Forward.

We made a brief stop at the petrol station at Genting Sempah RnR and finally the other 3 monkeys caught up with us. (no, we did not go that fast, it's just that me and Shazly decided to go first as we will be trailing the 3 fast and furious riders later on.

And both of us were right. There goes the younger mutants from Genting Sempah to Bukit Tinggi.

I noted that it is a good 20km to the hot spring in Bentong. That is very much the distance to climb later. Descend was from 2600ft to 340ft...that is very much another Genting Sempah on the way back.

We reached Bentong Town, clocking 50km on the GPS and after a short refill at Shell Merdeka Filling Station (i am not kidding, what better way to celebrate Merdeka on 31st eh?), we took off to Felda Tranum (which i later found out there is no such place...)

Owned by Chinese, cashier is Indian and pump attendants are Malays. Enough said.

The ride from Bentong town to the turn off to the Felda settlemant was circa 15km and it passes the turn off to Frasers.

There is one large short and sharp climb after the turnoff and it was simply beautiful sight that one would see if they care to look.

Took the pic after the climb, going down circa 48km/h and operating the camera phone, highly not reccomended!

And having Iron(wo)Man 2004 trailing behind you like she tengah makan angin is also not reccomended!

The final 15km to Felda MEMPAGA was of rolling hills. It sort of reminded me of IM08, the part where you cycle to Tg Rhu, only more rollings.

The huge peak is Genting Sempah, the second peak is along the mainroad after Bentong and those rolling hills towards Felda Mempaga is in the middle

I had so much fun on the rolling hills that i left some of them behind. But i kept moving forward as Foong was hot on my ass. She is fast.

And we overshot our RV point.

Straight Hot Road, we're 2.5km off track, even with GPS. Just finding excuse to do extra mileage, they say...

we stopped for a quick lunch at Felda Mempaga and we took off again back to Genting Sempah.

The ride back was under the hot sun and the rolling hills turned to be more challenging as there were more climbs on the way back than way to.

Anyhow, got to finish the ride, no?

We reached Bentong town and had wuick refill again. 10km into the ride, after passing this particular area where a mansion was perched right on the hill, with it's own build in garden and jogging track and gardener's house (sorry, can't help it, the owner of this mansion and land must be wiping his ass with money), it started to pour.

And just like that, the heaven opened up. It must had been almost 10km later than the rain stopped and Shazly had cramps in his quads and hams and some bicep femuris.

He was floored. And so was our hope to get back by 4pm (back home, meaning ride must end by 3pm) and report to our respective wives.

Believe this or not. A car passed by and turned back, offered some anagelsic spray!

That must had been God send. Bless you brother (in that Corolla, and i know you guys are going fishing, so, i hope you guys land a huge one).

The rest of the last 10km of climb back up to Janda Baik was pretty much male bonding time between me and Shazly (no, we are straight). We managed to get hold of Jakull and asked for some potential help.

At 1630, we reached Genting Sempah RnR and had to climb JUST one last hill.

And i re-live those memories of yesteryears when i cycled solo from home in Permata to Genting Sempah way before MRR2 was completed and back.

Ride ended at 1700. It was indeed a good one. More so after so much frustration about the blisters not healing.

Ride Route in Yellow

And here are the ride stats:

Distance : 164km.
Ride Time : 7:17
Idle Time : 2:22
Ave Speed: 16.7km/h (inclusive of idling time)
Max Speed : 59.4km/h (down Janda Baik to Bentong)
Max Elevation : 2659feet
Most Overused Word : Keep Moving Forward

And no, we did not do any run this morning. Time to spend the day with the family...afterall, i came home late!

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